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    2023 World Pool Championship, Kielce, Poland

    That's easy. It's a 1 chance in 64.
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    TV show Vegas

    Here it is
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    Mark Williams Teaches His Signature Underarm Shot

    Take a break from Danny Harriman and ball cleaner polish and look at this
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    Mosconi cup pockets

    Cats should not be let anywhere near pool tables - dead or alive. Or both.
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    Shane Van Boening on "60 Minutes," December 4, 7:30 p.m. Eastern

    For the moment this is working.
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    At least with paint drying there is a sense of accomplishment at the end. With one pocket it's just time you'll never get back again.
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    I guess it just isn't getting through to some people. The WPA rankings are ALL disciplines of pool. Matchroom's rankings are 9 ball ONLY. They wanted the WPA to recognise their 9 ball rankings as the official 9 ball rankings. The WPA has NO 9 ball only rankings. In any case I like Barry...
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    Don't know which Barry Hearn you are listening to but the one in the video I posted Barry Hearn said that they wanted the WPA to recognise the Matchroom 9 ball rankings as the official WPA 9 ball rankings. He went on to say that there isn't another one and they are not trying to steal anything...
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    Matchroom dumps WPA!

    Starting next year Matchroom events won't be sanctioned by the WPA (and won't receive sanction fees) as a result of Barry Hearn's inability to get the WPA to officially recognise The Matchroom 9 Ball Rankings.
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    Pool is dying as is, why make it worse by turning it private?

    Well yeah. There are some events on cable that are extra pay-per-view for special events on top of your monthly subscription.. Can't imagine Matchroom events are one of them. It's just your post made it sound like there were people in the world that get to see the Mosconi Cup for free
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    Pool is dying as is, why make it worse by turning it private?

    Are you kidding? All those cable networks charge for subscriptions. EVERYONE OF THEM. And as far as pool dying, Matchroom's TV audience around the world is measured in the 100,000s. Althougn cable networks don't usually release audience figures the 2019 World Pool Masters had a total of...
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    Ronnie with Fastest Century in History! (well, almost)

    What's the hurry? Parking meter running out?
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    OMG, Enough about John Schmidt and record runs!

    Only 307 pages to go.
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    Aramith Duramith Tournament Balls. Year of manufacture?

    Pink 4 in 1997 Mosconi Cup