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    My TS & Melton case

    Had my camera with me today. Couldn't help snapping a few shots of my stuffs. Enjoy
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    First time seeing my own stroke

    after 10 years playing pool, this is actually the first time I took a video and looked at my own stroke. I realize that when I draw or shoot center ball, I did not Elbow-drop. But when I follow, I did. Is this normal? I read many threads about...
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    Earthquake in Japan

    I know this is not pool related but a 8.8-magnitude quake hit Northern Honshu Japan 2 hours earlier. I know some Az'er here are from there so hope everything is fine...
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    Pool hall in NYC

    I will be travelling to NY from 25th Sept to 9th Oct. Anyone around who wants to play? I am searching for pool halls around the hotel that I am staying and there are quite a few. Any good recommendation? Pool Halls in NY (Google map)
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    KJ & OB Classic reviews

    After reading the review by TATE about the new OB Classic shaft, I decided to give it a try and after much await before the shaft is officially available, I contacted my good friend here, KJ (@ KJ Cues) to have him custom make the joint collar to fit my TS. Well, this is not the first time I...
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    Yet another PayPal thread

    well... i received below email 5 min ago... It will be a pain in the a$$ for me to send money overseas!!! ==================== Thank you for being a valued PayPal user. We wish to inform you that effective 31 March 2010, you will not be able to send funds using the "Send Money" function...
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    2010 Japan Open

    Anyone joining this tournament? It will be held on 20th & 21st of March. I heard that many of the Taiwanese and Filipinos will be joining. I will try to update this thread once the list is out. Cheers, Chi Wai
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    This guy has quite a good stroke

    Sorry if this was posted before... check this out! he is sponsored by Kamui Japan. He has a Kamui Black H, yes, H! on his shaft...
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    My first 1st place with my new TS :D

    Won 1st place in a B & C class tournament here in Tokyo yesterday. What makes it special is, I won it with my new Tim Scruggs, which I never thought it would come so soon since I am pretty much a 314 guy and never been able to pot balls consistently with a normal shaft! it was a race to 4 and...
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    Tim Scruggs

    Got it yesterday... Let the pictures do the talking :) updated with a lil specs: - 6 Curly maple points in Ebony - all whites are ivory - two 13mm and one 12.75mm shafts - Veneer colors (natural - blue - black) - Radial pin
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    My new cue coming soon...

    Just received this photo from the cue maker... it will be a 6 pointer curly maple in ebony with 3 veneers.... Enjoy~ Can anyone guess who the cue maker is? :wink: Updated - 2009/04/12 Updated - 2009/04/25
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    Please help identify pin

    My friend is thinking to get a custom shaft but we cannot be sure what pin is on his Manzino... can any of you help? Notice that there is a piece of white paper on the ivory joint, which may cover part of the pin on the photo. We counted several times and there are 12 threads on it. Could this...
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    3 veneer wrapless James White - $900 shipped

    Cue is brand new with two shafts. The original shaft is only test hit and shoot with less than 10 balls. Specifications - 19.2oz. - Rosewood on BEM. - 4 points, 3 veneers (outside to inside, black orange yellow). - 3x8/10 pin. - 13mm shaft - Hoppe ring. - All whites are not ivory. I also...
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    WTB Cue with Radial pin

    I am helping out my friend... He is looking for a butt only (with shaft is fine though) with Radial pin joint. Design does not really matter as long as the butt is in good condition. Budget is $300... Additional info: Butt must have wrap, Linen or Leather. Ebony, Curly/Birds eye maple...
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    TS price

    Sorry if I post this on the wrong section. Can anyone let me know how much will a TS with below specs costs? - Gaboon on Gaboon, six points, 3 veneers - Ivory joint - Ivory butt plate Thanks....