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    Predator Z2 uni-loc FS

    I have a Predator UNI-LOC shaft for sale clean, New sniper tip put on Weighs 3.8 ounces Black collar silver ring Minor wear shaft has minimal roll does not effect play so it's does leave the table slightly Will ship with tracking # I can send pics just pm cell # and I will send it since I...
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    LTB Predator P3 Black

    As title says looking for a black predator P3 shoot me a pm on what you have thanks for looking
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    Thursday Sports

    Ok 10.5 I'll take g tech for $200 thanks lol
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    Rsmith43 please respond

    I have left you a few pms I would appreciate it if you could respond to your pms thank you in advance , if you are reading is thread and know of the above individual could you please pass on the message
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    Predator Z2 union FS

    As the title states I have a Z2 uni loc shaft for sale 3.8 oz Shaft has some bluing from use Pics to come pm if interested Collar type black with silver ring $175 shipped Cleaned and new tip just installed
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    FS 3X7 black Instroke case

    As the title says I have for sale a black Instroke case 3x7 that's 3 butts and 7 shafts all zippers latches work feet all there was used as a storage case by me it retails for brand new $370 . I will try to get pictures up soon pm me if interested and thanks for looking Pic is now up and please...
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    WTB predator uni-loc shafts

    Hello all looking to buy a couple of Predator uni-loc 314-2 shafts for a couple of friends of mine please post pics and shaft details thanks :grin: Just to let you know I am in Toronto Canada check my I trader never been a problem so don't expect there to be none now
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    Sleepless in Sandusky tourny

    Any fellow Azer's going down to the tourny? I'll be making my first trip down there coming all the way from Toronto Canada would appreciate any comments on the tourny where to stay ? where to go get some good food? etc. etc. wouldn't mind meeting some fellow Azer's as well shoot me a pm or i'll...
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    Ltb predator ikon

    I am looking to buy only the following IKON butt /cue 1st generation and or 2nd generation IKON 1 and/or IKON 3 I am NOT currently looking for anything else if you have anyone of these please send me a PM to discuss please have pictures and all details of the butt/ cue ready I am really...
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    Mike Masse cue FS

    I have FS a Mike Masse Butt for sale shoot me a fair offer and its yours Please note this is Butt only i'm not too sure what shaft thread would go on this cue If you know please post it in the thread much appreciated and thanks in advance
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    Brunswick Cue FS

    Here's a Old brunswick in nice condition make me a fair offer and it's yours. Great Cue for the home or for a new player starting out PM for further questions please I will be throwing a case with it as well brand new Emerald tip installed and yes joint protectors come with it
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    Predator 99-1

    Hello I have a Predator 99-1 butt only for sale it fits a 5/16 X 14 I will try to post pictures later The cue has no major dents or scratches and is in really good condition considering how old it is SOLD shipped ( USA/CANADA ) with tracking # and its yours any other questions please pm...
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    2X2 Action Soft Case FS

    As the title says I have a 2x2 soft case from Action all zippers work and is in good condition let me know via PM if there are any other questions 1st reasonable offer gets it :thumbup: can email you pics send me you Email by PM No the cue is not for sale in the case
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    Cheap 4X2 Excalibur Case FS

    Here A used case 4 shafts 2 butts Excalibur case FS all zippers work no straps missing as seen in pic couple of the little `feet`are missing 1st reasonable offer will take it :thumbup:
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    Cheap used house/beginner cues FS

    Anyone in need of some cheap house cues nothing over $75 . Have a few cheap two piece cues that just need a good home that will use them they are all two piece some come with a cheap case as well. prefect for beginners or those on a budget . Pics to follow PM for any details on the cues I will...