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    The GOAT vs. the Ghost.. rotation.....................

    I've had the pleasure of watching Efren practice rotation on numerous occasions at Hardtimes. One time he ran down to the 10 ball getting perfect on every shot, before switching his cue back to his RIGHT hand to finish out the rack. He made it look so easy we didn't even notice we was shooting...
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    Floor covering for basement

    Hello! I am purchasing a new home which includes a large unfinished basement where I can finally fulfill my dream of having a poolroom. Just wondering if anyone had suggestions on the best bang for your buck floor covering for a concrete basement floor? I've done some research and due to...
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    8 Ball Break - Hitting the 2nd Ball

    Hey guys, just had a question for those of you who are proponents of hitting the 2nd ball on your 8 ball break (either ball behind the head ball). What english/spin do you like to use when using this break? I've heard just draw, low inside, and low outside from several different sources. It's...
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    Various McDermott Shafts + Viking Sneaky

    Hi guys, doing a friend a favor and posting some items for sale for him. 1. McDermott iPro Slim - $300.00 2. McDermott I3 - $210.00 3. McDermott G-Core - $175.00 4. Viking Sneaky (Maple into Maple) - $275.00 1. McDermott iPro Slim - $300.00 McDermott Quick Release Joint, 12.00mm with...
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    Variability of fundamentals in pool

    I was just thinking about how different people's playing styles in pool are compared to snooker and 3 cushion. Snooker players of course tend to have a very square stance, chin low/touching the cue, primarily open bridge even on power shots, and very deliberate (for lack of a better word)...
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    Cuetec Cynergy Maintenance

    Hi guys, probably a dumb question but I'm going to be purchasing a Cuetec Cynergy shaft in the near future and was wondering if you HAD to use rubbing alcohol to clean it, or will a damp rag suffice? The place I play only has swamp coolers (no AC) so it gets humid in there. I plan on using...
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    Standard Definition for Tips of English

    Hi guys, came across this diagram (taken from showing how many tips of english translates on the cue ball. I never really thought that people might have a different definition of what "1 tip" of english actually means. Turns out what I thought...
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    Ultraskin vs Sniper vs Kamui Tan

    Hey guys need a bit of advice on tips, appreciate your help as always. I recently purchased a new Mezz EC7-WMW about a month ago and my previous cue was an EC7-R. Old cue had the WD700 shaft and the new cue has the updated WX700 shaft, where the only difference is supposedly a new ferrule...
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    Pat Diveney Butt Dimensions

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone had the butt diameter/thickness on a Pat Diveney sneaky pete? I've heard his cues have a slimmer handle and no one around me has one for me to check out. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Paul Mottey - 4 point Ebony on BE Maple

    For sale is a 2001 Paul Mottey that I used as my daily player for about 2 years. Cue has some finish dings and a chip in the butt sleeve finish. Both shafts have ivory ferrules. Only used 1 shaft as my playing shaft and it has been turned down to about 12.5 mm. The ferrule on that shaft looks to...
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    Taking down shaft - what grit to start with?

    I want to take down a shaft by approx .25 mm - what grit should I start with so I don't oversand the shaft? Thanks for your help!
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    Mezz vs Schon - cue tapers

    Looking at possibly picking up a Mezz cue and was wondering how they compare to Schon in terms of shaft and butt tapers. I was specifically interested in the WD700 shaft. Is the butt taper thicker/thinner in the handle area than Schon, longer or shorter taper on the shaft, etc.? Thanks for the help!
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    Varney bocote and curly maple - sale or trade

    Here's a 2009 Varney that was delivered in June and is lightly used, probably about a 1-2 months worth of play time. Looking to trade or sell for $500 obo (losing money on the deal). Ordered cue with the following specs: Woods: Bocote forearm and buttsleeve, curly maple handle Butt Weight...
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    ATTN Dealers WTB Centennials & Aramith case

    I'm looking to purchase a new set of Brunswick Centennials and the new Aramith carrying case with the shoulder strap. I'd appreciate it if any of the fine dealers on this site could PM me their best price for the two together. Thanks!
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    Butt sleeve/rings conversion?

    Quick question... Can you have just the butt sleeve and joint rings in a cue changed to a different design? I bought my playing cue used, but it's almost exactly what my ideal cue would look like and was wondering if this was possible. Thanks in advance for the replies!