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    A glimpse of Wu

    We have a large Asian community here and all the Chinese Halls have them. Great table to tighten up your potting but otherwise always feel a little gaffy. That plus the fact they play 8-ball makes it difficult at times to defend yourself. Balls against the rail need to be hit perfect and even...
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    When you can't get natural angle;.... do you use draw or follow?

    It's "never" 50/50. It always favors one way or the other. But by default it would be forward. If I'm really flat and close to the rail as diagrammed I would go rail first or slide off it and play a containing safe.
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    This made me laugh so hard - I thought to share it so you can laugh too! Fluke of the year.

    It's mine but it does sound very Grady-like. There is a clip of Grady playing Efren One Pocket. Grady has Efren in trouble and Efren tries something that Grady felt was a little lucky and he proclaims that it was the "greatest shot he has ever seen".
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    One pocket WWYD - After Break

    Yes. Wait for better opportunity. Kicking 3 or 4 rails if you leave a ball is probably going to cost you 4~6 balls.
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    The Siberian Express is About to Roll

    1000 and a free punch in the face.
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    Is it just me or is Webber and Earl brothers separated at birth?
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    Tyler Styer on Team USA

    Now all USA needs is Oscar and I would put them at a 2.5:1 Dog but that would be their best shot.
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    Hope they bring back Michaela Tabb
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    Who will be Europe's 5th Mosconi player

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
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    Canadian custom cue maker/ cue smith list and province location

    Want a leather wrap put on a wrapless cue. Anyone have a recommendation to do the work?
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    Thanks Jay

    Come got one more in the tank
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    Got talked into my first league night

    Do you feel dirty? How many showers did you take after?