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    LF Carolina Customs

    I'm not sure if am supposed to post this here but I'm desperately out of options. Looking for contact info for Carolina Customs or whoever has taken over their repairs I need a butt cap replaced and want It to have the cc logo.if anyone could help I would be grateful Thanks Brett
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    McDermott Rubber Bumpers

    Anyone have any McDermott rubber bumpers for sale or know where I can purchase a couple Thanks Brett
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    Navigator Cue Tips

    Was wondering if anyone on here knows anything or has heard of Navigator Tips? They look to be a really nice layered tip just trying to get a opinion before I pull the trigger on buying a couple any help would be appreciated
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    WTB Magic Chalk

    looking to buy magic chalk if anyone has any or know someone who does please let me know Thanks Brett
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    L F cocobolo & tulip wood shorts

    I am looking to buy a few pieces of cocobolo and tulip wood over 1" in diameter and at least 4" long only need 2 or 3 of each if anyone has any they could part with please PM me with price and maybe pictures Thanks Brett
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    WTB Yellow Micarta

    I have a cue repair shop in a local pool hall located in central Indiana and have been searching high and low for a couple of ferrule blanks of the old yellow Micarta if anyone could help me come into contact with some I would greatly appreciate it Thank you Brett
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    WTB Yellow Micarta

    I have a small cue repair shop in a local pool hall and have been hunting high and low for a couple of OLD asbestos yellow Micarta ferrule blanks over 13mm can any of you fellow az'ers help me out please? Thanks Brett P.S. always looking for reasonable prices on tips tired of paying retail...
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    WTB Tenon Die

    looking to purchase a tenon die new or used if anyone has an extra for sell please let me know Thanks :grin: