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    Ltb LD shaft

    Looking for a 5/16-14 piloted LD shaft. OB classic or tiger x ultra LD. Straight and standard length. Collar ring or no collar ring. Let me know. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Dayton for sale

    Had this cue for about a year or so, don't play much anymore. Forget most of the specs, but here is what i remember. 13mm tip Kamui clear medium tip cocobolo 4 point, all even black w/ brown linen wrap Dead straight between 18 and 18.5 oz 3/8-10 pin .840 at joint $325 obo. Paypal add 3%
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    Steve Klapp for sale/trade

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    SBE play

    Thinking about hitting the SBE up on Friday. Just wanted to see who was going to be there. I will have some stuff with me, possibly for sale, but up for a few games. email me at and maybe grab a table.
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    Tiger x pro w/ silver ring 5/16-14 wanted

    As title says. I want one. Send offers
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    Tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 wanted

    Looking for a used tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 with silver ring. Please let me know what's out there
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    Ob classic 5/16-14

    tiger x ultra ld 5/16-14 Thinking about getting one. Anyone got one used they are considering selling? I used to have one and thinking about going back. silver ring preferred Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
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    wtb tiger x pro silver ring 5/16-14

    As title says. Whats out there
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    Nice Cue for Sale

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    wtt for a tiger x pro silver ring 5/16 -14

    I have a tiger x pro and ob clsssic pro, 3/8-10. Milk dud tip on the ob, everest on the tiger. Want to straight trade for a tiger x pro with a silver ring. Can email pics. Email me at for request rather than pm.
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    sneaky wanted

    Around 19 oz, standard length, 5/16-14 joint. Looking for a travel cue so low cost preferred. Dont really need a shaft if that brings price down. With or without wrap, doesnt matter.
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    thinking of a wrapped widow

    Anyone have a wrapped merry widow available? 5/16-14 piloted under 19.5 oz. Just Window shopping for now for a friend. Email pics to
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    tiger x pro 3/8-10 FS/FT

    I have a 3/8-10 tiger x pro for sale, $130 shipped, or will trade for an x pro 5/16-14 or OB Classic pro 5/16-14
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    Bar beater setup for sale (Package deal)

    OK folks, I want a Starkey cue (with the wood pin), BADLY!!!. So, here is my bar beater / league setup. I WILL ALSO CONSIDER TRADES FOR A STARKEY!! I am trying to describe the condition as accurate as possible, and even the slightest roll, and I am being very particular about it. I will refund...
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    WTB: OB Classic Pro 3/8-10

    Hello all, Anyone have an OB Classic Pro available for around $150 shipped? Must be straight, 3/8-10 pin, plain black collar. If it has a silver ring in the collar that is ok too, i guess. Please let me know all specs and price. If there is one with 5/16-14 pilot for that same price I will...