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    One Pocket is so slow....

    One pocket players are so slow, that it takes over a decade to realize this is a joke thread...
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    Anyone else struggle getting used to 12.4 revo?

    I am a fan of my Schon, I took another one in on trade which came with a Katana shaft. Hung up my OB-1 and been playing with the Katana for about 9 months now. It was a 31 inch OB, me being over 6 foot I thought hey, I can do that...but am not a fan anymore of having a unequal ratio of shaft to...
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    Anyone else struggle getting used to 12.4 revo?

    I remember when predator first showed up with their revolutionary new shaft. Took some time ( 20 years...) and I got one. Couldn't hit those same shots the OP is having trouble with. Long thin cuts I would just whiff...right on by. The thing is, I can still play with a regular maple shaft, and I...
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    Comment by 'noMoreSchon' in media '20210801_133830.jpg'

    Just came across this...went down to the table...didn't miss a kick yet. Pretty strong.
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    How good were you when you first picked up a cue?

    As a pool pup, I thought I was great. But was not. Took on most shots, and got out quite a bit. A veteran shortshop I was playing one day, gave me some wisdom that crushed me. 'When I was your age I shot way better than I do now'...I couldn't believe it. Here I am a guppy in a sharks world, and...
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    Unable to See Center Ball

    Wouldn't an easier way to say this, would be find the closest part of the cue ball to the object you are aiming, and that would be the center? Because that is what I was taught. The center of the ball, is always least amount of distance from the aim point.
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    Diamond pool table cover I just recently bought this one for my Gold Crown...the fit is awesome. And for $35, you really cant beat it.
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    Learning the pattern play

    I was taught that the same, but the reason was not shape, but balls on the rail only have two pockets to be made in.
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    *THE REAL* Pool's 15 most influential people/brands list

    I hate to say this, but Florian Kohler generates a lot of followers, and views. I think he has put out more content than lots of the people on the list, the level of content? Well I much rather watch Earl and Efren. So while his influence and brand isn't a majority of pool players thing, he does...
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    shooting with inside

    I once feared the use of inside. Well not feared it, but if I could shoot the shot without it I did. Years ago, I shot weeks using nothing but inside. It was quite the learning experience, and it gave me the confidence to shoot any shot with the side spin I need to get where I need to. I was...
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    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    What was your reason to get it? I think it is safe, but it is not approved. I myself will not be getting it. I don't get the flu shot either. I think the Flu/Covid should be used effectively, for people at risk of death from those viruses. I still have a few more years before I can see the need...
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    What would you do?

    I like moving the 6 here. It isn't a difficult shot to move it to the back of the rack. Leaving the cue up table. EDIT: I shot this shot 5 times. I sold out twice. As soon as I set it up, I realized it was not as easy as I first thought. Thinning the rack, or taking a foul is a better one, I...
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    Thinking of calling it a day......

    Naw, don't dip on us. We all go through, growing pains. What came naturally 3 months ago, you may have taken for granted, now you know, and will grow on that knowledge. Only one player I know of dreamed of becoming better and did.
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    I quickly came up with a 'Lazy Susan' type system, where all four legs are at a 12 o'clock position for the center of the room, and all rotate in tandem to push it to one wall or the other. But rails seem so much better now...
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    What type of audience is best for tv pool?

    I watch the Masters golf tourny every year. My Dad never played golf, but he too watched it every year. Point is, I watch it to remember my Dad, and enjoy it. You do not have to enjoy playing a sport to understand the complexity and difficulty playing it is. You speak of other sports, most...