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    SVB and Orcullo are they...

    I agree with sjm above. While I'm a huge fan of both SVB and Orcullo, we're talking about betting and odds. The field is the smarter bet in a top level tournament, regardless of whom you like, especially if you're having to pick "either or" among SVB or Orcullo. Now, if you're giving me both...
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    Help Schon Ltd Identification

    I agree with the above assessment, the closest it comes to anything I can find is the Ltd727, but while it's similar, it's not at the same time. They did make some variations on that design such as the Ltd727a, but again, it's different. The biggest difference is the ringwork. That's unusual...
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    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    Sad news, condolences to his family and friends.
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    Great Schon service.

    Schon is great to deal with. Can't recommend them highly enough.
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    Schon cue ID - a test

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    Schon cue ID - a test

    It's an SL20
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    AZB Reporting that Jeanette Lee is Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

    This is horrible news. Thoughts and prayers go out to Jeanette and her family.
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    About to buy a custom cue, torn between three great cue makers

    Having owned a Lomax, they're great cues, and he's amazingly easy to work with should you ever want to further customize or add to your collection. Great guy.
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    My new cue, halfway there

    Congrats on your new cue. Good story with a happy ending.
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    Need a cue smith

    Try Steve Lomax. He lives out on the NE side of Atlanta. Does fantastic work. Makes beautiful cues.
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    Has any top level player just gone to regular bars for 'exhibitions?'

    Mike Sigel came to the Danville, Illinois area in the early 90's for an exhibition. Had about 50 people show up. He played 3 locals (I was one) one game of 9-ball each, and then left.
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    SLate Joints - Beeswax or Body Filler?

    Beeswax...if done right, it's all you need.
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    Quick project with an old set of pool balls

    Great project, nice job!
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    Sincere Condolences To Pat Fleming And Family.

    Very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts are with the family.