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    Want Made

    I don't know where to put I put it here and ask the cuemaker....if someone has one like this used I'm open .... I'm looking to have a ebony sneaky made.....I would like it between 18 and 18.5 oz ivory joint and hoppe ring fancy ring at joint and bumperless...shafts to be at 12.75...
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    ebony sneaky

    I'm looking to have a ebony sneaky made.....I would like it between 18 and 18.5 oz ivory joint and hoppe ring fancy ring at joint and bumperless...shafts to be at 12.75 ivory ferruls.....medium to hard tips....anyone want to take this on ?.. must play jamb up...thanks Steve P.S. I will also...
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    Now Car Pooling makes sense

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    New Pierce cue

    Hope you like I'm looking for suggestions for the segmented wrap......let's hear some ideas....thanks Steve [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Guess the cue makers but

    See if you can guess this cuemaker from his but and his hand [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    WTB: Ebony break cue/ jumper

    Hello and Merry Christmas ...Happy Holidays to all Im looking for a Ebony break cue and a matching jumper...or i would like a ebony Jump/break... would like it to weigh less than 19......I would rather have something custom ......But will consider something production but only as a last...
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    FS: 3/8x10 joint protectors

    Here are two pair of joint pair is black phenolic-birdseye and a tulip wood top made bt Jim Baxter and are only 2 weeks old asking SOLD the other pair is older dont remember who made them but they are Ebony with a stained dark maple i circle in the top asking SOLD...both pair...
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    black paper veneers

    Im looking for a good place to buy some black paper veneers... can anyone suggest a good place to buy these?..Thanks Steve
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    WTB leather 2x4 $100 shipped

    Looking for a leather 2x4 used but in good condition ... I really don't want vinyl...a case with good patina is great...I know some of you have some old case you really don't want ...lets see what you have thanks Steve
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    WTB 2x4 black leather

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    FS/FT 3x6 Whitten Lite

    I have a fairly new 3x6 Whitten lite case Black lizzard and smooth black leather it is in great condition has spacers and stick with it foam still in the pockets...i only have 1 cue at the moment and would like to down grade to maybe a 2x4 will trade for a 2x4 and some cash or a case and a cue...
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    FS: 2 pair Tulip wood J/P's 3/8x10

    Just like the title says 2 pair of tulip wood joint protectors both are 3/ set is 2 weeks old made by Jim Baxter Black phenolic with BEM and tulip wood caps the other Set is made by Lonnie Wilber don't know how old these are... $35 OBO for Jim's and SOLD for Lonnies ..Thanks Steve...
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    FS: Tulip wood Gilbert Jump Break

    For sale SOLD shipped without joint protectors....will entertain trades for something wrapless no production cues please...100% money back if not satisfied minus shipping....I have a 2010 Tulip wood into birdeye Gilbert jump break in excelent condition Rolls straight together and apart and this...
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    Need a player for $400 shipped

    Thanks everyone who responded and tried to help me out.....but I have decided to save up more money....And buy a bigger cue...or have one made...thanks again Steve
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    "GRACIO CUES" pic's please

    OK i am having Scott make me a cue and want to see some of his work so if you have one please post up some pics... and explain how it plays...Thanks for everyones time , Steve This is my simple lil cue that i have now..Ebony handle with tulip wood forearm and but with ivory and silver rings...