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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    Gotta love it when it impresses the ladies!
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    OK that was cool. Hard to tell from the low res video but it looks like a 9-10 combo in 10 ball? But then you rack for 9 ball... :unsure:
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    YOUR greatest shot ever.....

    Not a single shot, but two very similar shots in the same game. Game ~76 of a race to 50 with my roomie during spring of 2020: The second shot required left English to get behind the 8 enough for the proper angle.
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    Who is this guy?

    Very cool video. It must just be the video quality but it sure looks like Worst fouled the cue ball with his stick on the first break.
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    Cut Shots - Do you use Center of Cue Ball or Edge of Cue Ball for alignment to the Object Ball or Both

    I tend to get pretty low on most shots whenever possible. Once I have decided on the matter of speed, draw/top/left/right on the cue ball for the desired leave, I go through several mental/visual cues, which include: 1. I stand over the shot with the OB lined up with the point at the back of...
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    Everything's bigger in Texas

    As for that pocket, yeah it's really wide at the mouth, but try putting the balls together at the back of the pocket and it looks a bit tighter, maybe 4-1/2". I play in a league on 7' Diamonds and the corner pockets are really tapered (keystone shape), which makes a lot of balls rattle out if...
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    What do you prefer to break with? Heavy or light?

    I have one somewhere but it's not my best effort. I can get pretty consistent results with it (maybe one miscue out of 50 attempts) on any table where the rail felt is nappy and stands up from the rail a bit. If the rail is higher than the felt then it becomes a real crapshoot and not something...
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    What do you prefer to break with? Heavy or light?

    I much prefer a slightly heavier cue with a 13mm nickle domed tip for breaking one handed. My personal is an old Imperial two piece. I line the cue ball up dead center on the first diamond, back away from the table a bit, and step into the shot with a level stroke and some slight downward force...
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    Pool Pitch: Pool the cleanest sport.

    Depends on whether or not you subscribe to germ theory... Quick, name another species that worries about this crap to the point of injecting each other with toxins to stay healthy? I'm waiting...
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    What was the first time you realized you’re a strong player?

    I was leaning against the wall in The Alibi one night over by table 2 when someone broke on table 1 and sent the cue ball flying right at me. I stuck my foot out and caught the ball in mid air on top of my shoe, and in one continuous motion flicked it back across the room onto table 1 without...
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    Nice catch... that's a trade secret haha!
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    I use Hammerin' Hank whenever I break one handed. I am skinny as a motherfu#&er but when I take a step into a one handed break like Rod Carew and explode the rack into a cloud of dust it puts the fear of God into my opponent. Ask the dude whom I broke five balls one handed including a snap a...
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    Do you know of players who had such Natural Talent, that they could have been a World Champion?

    Well it's funny that you would use the phrase "had the cue ball on a string"... not to say I'm in that league at all, but when things are going well and object balls are dropping like flies, it does feel like the old paddle ball game where the cue/paddle ball is on an elastic string, and the cue...
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    Two kick combos in one game

    I just did it tonight... both shots were across the table kicks to object balls spaced well off the rail and apart 10" or more. They both required English on the approach to the rail, especially the first one because the cue ball was shielded by an opponent's ball a bit. Wondering if anyone...
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    8' Olhausen lookalike - who made it?

    Hello all, My first post here and I have a question. The roomie bought a table for our patio sight unseen, and now that it's installed we are trying to find some basic info on it. I saw some similar Olhausen tables online so I contacted them and sent some photos, but their reply was "not one of...