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    question for lou ,pat ,and dan

    Quieter than a mouse pissing on a cotton ball
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    Suggest The Title For A Pool Book

    Put it in the hole
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    How much does it cost?

    No person is ever broke doing what they love!!! But you can be damn hungry...
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    Shadow Method

    I have tried just about every aiming system out there.... I've shifted, twisted, back hand english, shooting at ghostballs looked at different angles on the cue ball to object ball until I was crosseyed and I will say some of them had some good information, but far and away greyghosts shadow...
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    Shadow Method

    Hey Keeb where the heck were you 35 years ago!!!!!! would have saved me alot of B.S!!!!!! I'm an old dog and still learning....
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    Shadow Method

    GreyGhost I would like to thank you for posting this aiming method.....I have tried it now for several hours and it works.... I don't know why it works but for the shots that I have been using it on it works.... thanks again Don
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    I Used to Use a System But Now....

    spider you just flinched!!!!!!!
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    On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....

    hey Gene thanks for spending a little time with me at JJ's in Luck Wi., I can't believe that in 5 minutes you helped me realize that what i thought was my dominant eye wasn't. I am soon to be 60 and this old dog is still learning! Thanks again; Don
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    Ron V – 90/90 aiming system DVD.

    First of all Ron i found this aiming system very informative,easy to follow and accurate. Thank you for putting another weapon in my arsenal!!! Just like my guns the only way your gonna get this video back is to pry it from my cold dead hands!!!!!!!!
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    one rail kicks

    i'm willing to learn
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    New break rule thought?

    how about this for a new break rule. break the balls, then if you make a ball you must pushout, your opponent then has the option of accepting the shot or give it back. this also applies if you don't make a ball on the break your opponent must then pushout. I know it will stop the break and...
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    Tar and SVB Aiming

    I think it would be great to have Tar do a stream with shane on his aiming method. Maybe they could charge to stream it and possibly split the money. I for one would be willing to pay to see this. How many others would be willing to pay to watch this be streamed? This might just work also to...
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    $40,000.00 One Pocket Match, Part 1

    joey A, i sure hope you write for a living, that was a great read. made me feel like i was there sweatin it with you. happy holidays
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    Loose Racks

    if you don't start educating them about racking they'll never get it right. they will eventually be glad you did.
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    One player to mimic

    I just want to be lucky like Efren:wink: