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    WTB it's george case

    WTB 2x4 or 3x6 it's George case thanks Yan
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    WTB 1x1 case

    WTB case as I didn't find 1x1 case I want to say that I might also be interested in 2x4 it's george case Yan
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    suisei tips

    one of my friends bought couple of SUISEI and FUJI tips in Austria he claims that they are made in japan i found no info on them in internet gope to find out something here thans in advance Yan
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    help to clean linen wrap

    Could not clean my wrap from talcum powder. previously I used johnson's powdre and had no problems but lately ive been using medical powder and found it difficult to clean my wrap from it any ideas? thanks in advance
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    WTB masse cues

    I'm interested in several masse cues from different manufacturers. Can make a jump at custom conversions as well. Actually, any offers are very much appreciated thanking you in anticipation Yan
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    looking for inexpensive cue

    looking for a cue for my brother who has just sarted playin pool.As it's kinda difficult to find a good playin cue in my country i dont even have any unnessesery cues sitting in my case that i could give him. interested in some lowend viking or mcD or joss... by the way i need it to be sent to...
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    wood gradation

    im curious: what is it? for example: McD sells cues that has A grade of wood for $200 while some others say that they made their cues from AA or even AAA grade of wood and sellem cheaper what does this graduation based on?is it cosmetic appearance or durability and quality?or is it some fiction?):)
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    Im interested where one can download some pool videos? are there anyone who can upload some video to share with others ? thanx
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    searching for a european cuemaker

    searching for a european cuemaker or dealer who sells decent american cues/ or maybe someone had exp of sending cue to europe. could you share: what is the best serviice to use,roughly how much will it cost?
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    bear cues

    has anybody heard about bear cues(i ain't talking about mark bear customs, i am about the one that bustamente plays withh)? i'm interested: where they are produced and whose brand it is; if someone has ever played with this cue it would be very interesting to hear his idea about it/ thanking you...