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    Shafts for Palmer Cues

    Looking for both the original Palmer shafts with the white pearl ring and also with the grey marbled pearl ring. Would prefer original but will take an aftermarket LD shaft with the rings. Please PM me with details and pricing if you have anything. Thanks!
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    Best Company/Cue Maker for Refinish and Reipair

    I have a medium to high end cue that is in need of repair and refinish. I don't have a lot of experience in this area. Any suggestions as to who is known to be good or very good at this sort of work for a cue that has a value of $1500 - $2000? And roughly what the price would be for the work...
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    FS - Woodworth 4 Point - 2 Original Shafts

    Woodworth 4 Point - Maple Butt - Malachite in Butt Sleeve. PM for fair offer to end Auction.
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    FS - Palmer Model G

    Cue is listed on eBay
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    WTB ANY 5/16x18 Piloted Low Deflection Shaft

    There are no Predator 314-314 2 or Z2 - OB1 or OB2...basically no 5/16x18 Piloted Low Deflection Shafts that I can find. Anybody out there know of or have this PILOTED size shaft for sale?
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    Using 2 aiming systems

    I was able to practice a few hrs of pool the past few nights and noticed after over cutting most of my long shots one night that for me, using 90/90 on longer shots and using CTE on shorter shots helped me out tremendously. They are both pivot based so wanted to know if anyone that uses an...
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    Straight Pool Rating System

    Is there a rating system based on either your high run, or your average per inning run, or just your last 10 high runs averaged out? Is there a number that makes you a: 1. Pro 2. Open 3. AAA, AA, A (or A++, A+, A) 4. B's and C's If a persons high run is over 100 does that automatically put...
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    Butt of your Cue

    If you put a Predator 314 shaft with a Kamui tip on your cue (or any LD shaft and tip of your choice), does the butt of the cue make that much of a difference, if at all? I'm not talking about a Walmart $20 butt...but any Meucci, Mcdermott, Lucasi...etc. Would any "decent quality" production...
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    Thorsten vs. Schmidt 14.1 only - or all around

    Thorsten is considered the best straight pool player in the world, when not playing tournaments he is practicing 14.1 and doing drills for all games constantly. Schmidt rarely practices 14.1 and goes long periods of time without playing any type of pool at all yet is still thought of as a notch...
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    Thanks TAR

    Justin and Mark and crew thank you for all the hard work..great matches and podcasts..truly two of the best in the business and brought us pool fans some of the best "challenge" matches ever played by all the present day greats of the game. Sorry to hear this will be the final TAR match as I...
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    WTB Predator Shaft 5/16 x 18 PILOTED

    Looking for a Predator Z 2 or 314 2 with a 5/16x18 PILOTED thread. found 5/16x18 but not Piloted. If anyone has or knows of anywhere I can get one please let me know. Thanks
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    Advancing from CTE to Pro One

    Have had success using CTE with the manual pivot, easy to understand and can pocket ALOT of balls with the system...finding it very hard to advance to Pro One and have the same success. Watched the DVD over and over to try and grasp it. Any advice on how to make the transformation any easier?
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    Kamui vs Milk Duds

    I just re-shafted 4 shafts for two cues, 2 with Kamui SS and 2 with Elkmaster Milk Duds Soft. They both feel very good and somewhat similar, Playability wise Kamui's felt a little "Stickier" in a good way..IMO, but is it worth paying 3-4 times the price for Kamuis? Do layered tips last longer...
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    Aim the Tip

    Dave Mullen Video This was off Youtube for a while but now its back..there were people looking for it so here it is, "The Ultimate Aiming System" (Aim the Tip)
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    See-system Help

    Can someone who uses the see-system explain how the aiming works, I've seen some of the youtube videos and dont understand at all. I would buy the download if I had a semi understanding of what it is and tried to pocket some balls with it, but I don't wanna get something thats only going to...