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    Bashing other aiming systems

    Hello Mr Wilson Long time no see.. Hope all is good
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    Aiming System Or Not?

    Whatever anyone wants to do is fine with me.... ive never understood what drives people to worry about how Someone else does anything lol.
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    great Carbon Tubes!!

    What taper are on the shafts? Do you have any still available?
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    ISO Large Bore Headstock for Mid American

    Anyone have one they no longer use?
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    Items for sale

    Do you have any driver sets left?
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    3D Printed Cue Tip Lathe Design

    Let me know if it happens... I’d be interested
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    Question about aiming

    I wish I had Vegas 2011 back. I missed an opportunity to get you to help me with stroke delivery. I have always regretted it. I agree about too full especially cutting a ball as the CB tends to drag the OB a tad. I love systems and I’ve learned every one I’ve ever came in contact with. Almost...
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    Aiming With Shadows

    W wow dude, why be such an ass?
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    Aiming With Shadows

    This was a good thread.
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    5/16 x18 shaft

    Anyone have a deal on a playing shaft. Going on a Richard Black
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    Joint opinions

    What’s the difference in feel and response when playing with joints made from .. SS G 10 Fill in the blank Fill in the blank
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    David Tickle

    Anyone know anything about his cues?
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    David Tickle

    Any have any feedback on his cues?
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    Hope everyone has been doing well

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello to some old friends and foes. Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well
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    Thank You Daz

    After entering a contest last week on FB that Darren was having, I just received a signed poster and a signed Perfect Practice DVD Thank you again DAZ.... Your jam up <~~~~ even bigger Appletoon fan