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    Eden stolen_reward

    HI Guys, I hope everyone is well. I have beeen away for quite sometime. We moved last year, downsizing. Sometime in May -June of 2019, Bob Manzino- EDEN was stolen from my home in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. For all intents and purposes, Jacksonville. The sheriff's Department came to my home, a...
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    # still new ron thomas cases

    Here are three that have been sitting in my closet. Genuine alligator $2000, genuine python $1600, elephant $950. Show up to the derby in style!
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    just a simple new SEARING box

    For those who thought I was out of the game, this has been in my hip pocket waiting for shaft caps. This is why Dennis is called Mr Precision. You need a jeweler's loop for some of the intricate inlays. 4 shafts, two regular Searing tapers 29", one 29" with xl192 taper and one 30" xl192 taper...
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    test posting pictures of new cue
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    Player's Brand youth cues

    I have 3 Player's Brand Youth cues that were used by my daughter and friends only a few times. 2 are 42", 1 46". These seem to be nice cues and roll fine. We have no need for them and haven't for some time. I actually forgot i bought them. I want to sell all three as a package, like $25...
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    8 Point Gina unplayed

    Hi Guys, Here is the last Gina......SOLD FAST
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    not to be duplicated GINA 17A-I=inlayed

    SOLD *********SOLD PENDING FUNDS Here is a special Gina.
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    NEW PICS- cool Barry Szamboti Hoppe

    NEW PICS of a Barry Szamboti Hoppe
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    Bob Manzino 6 point BRW Hoppe

    Hi guys ; SOLD $old pending pends thanks for looking
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    Changing the title of a thread?

    i searched the stickys and was unable to find the information. I undersand you should not start a new thread on an item that is already for sale. I have new and better pictures of an item I have for sale. Since the pictures would better present the item, naturally I would like to call...
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    Cool Barry Szamboti Hoppe

    deleted for an improved version with better pictures
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    Pristine Tascarella/2 unchecked shafts

    removed from market
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    Ginacue "Domino" 1of 2 ever made

    deleted post sold
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    Ginacue "Blue Cacique"

    Hello Azer's SOLD PENDING RECEIPT OF FUNDS! I just let this one drift away and forgot about it. However it is still here and I thought I would bump it. I plan to sell a few cues as part of an overall life downsizing. Here is Ernie's Ginacue, BLUE CACIQUE. Only a handful were ever made...
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