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    Brunswick Pockets

    If it’s a Gold Crown just remove the ball return pockets and replace them with drop pockets. (Then send me the ball return setup 😀)
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    What type of Beeswax for slate joint sealing?

    Personal experience reinforces the idea that beeswax is not a great solution for you slate seams. Caused several issues on my table (table in a garage in so cal). so unless this will be stored in a climate controlled environment year round - stay away. Why not use bond, or I’ve seen that rock...
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    Another Pool Hall Closing (Stixx Rancho Cucamonga)

    I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Shirley.
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    I've always enjoyed Earl's commentating matches, here's a real gem:

    Learn a lot every time I hear him commentate.
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    Interesting Insight From a Pro Narrating Her Match

    Worth a watch.
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    Gold Crown I Barn Find - Tangerine

    There she is. Almost a year of restoration and waiting. AZB had a large hand in getting it set up. This table is the brother of Rexus31's GC. New paint, powder coat castings, trim and feet, sourced skirts from Trent, new light from Rexus31 and his fil Tom, cue rack from AZB user Deacon...
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    Pool ball collecting.

    Can any of you pool ball luminaries elucidate me on the differences in these Centennials? Approx age etc. I see a difference in color, font, the darts, and the underline.
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    Gold Crown Barn Find

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    Custom Gold Crown Light

    First stages of prep on my light. I hope to have some or all primed by the end of the weekend.
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

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    Cue Extension woes

    Dear collective wisdom of AZB: I purchased a cue extension for my Pechauer cue. Bought it directly from Pechauer. Great extension, if a bit pricey. HOWEVER 97% of the time I go to remove the extension after use, it takes the plug with it. Besides using epoxy to put it in there permanently...
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    Diamond Ball Polisher replacement parts - Help

    Just received a new refresh kit for a Diamond ball polisher. Strangely ordered from (Seyberts but received directly from Diamond). Anyone with experience replacing the parts on the polisher? What kind of glue is used to attach the bottom panel and the inside strip? Will I need to disassemble...
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    Gold Crown Barn Find

    I've taken to calling it my Gold Crown I parts kit. Rexus was kind enough to come over this weekend and help me attach the skirts to the aprons. Progress I suppose. But the waiting is killing me.
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    Referee/Rules Question

    BCAPL 8 Ball During our league play I was asked to referee a shot - by the shooter. There was a cluster of balls against the rail and he had to kick at his ball for a legal hit. He said “can you watch the hit on the 10 ball”? His opponent said nothing. Well that ten ball sure looked like it...
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    Informal "BLACK" ball poll.....................