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    Jeff Olney 10 point ebony wrapless inlaid cue

    IS this cue still available?
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    Jeff Olney

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but now I am back. I am currently looking for a Jeff Olney cue. Thanks I’m advance Gilbert
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    Cash Cue 4point

    Up for sale is a 4 point Cash cue with (2) shafts. Cue rolls straight together and apart, cue needs to be refinished. All white is ivory Specs: weight: 15.2oz Shafts: (2) 13mm 4.oz Forearm: Ebony Handle: Pink Ivory Butt: Ivory Ferrules: Ivory Asking $1,850 NO TRADES, PAYPAL ONLY Thanks for...
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    Sold Pending Payment!
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    New to me Cash cue!

    Just received this cue and I am amazed of how good it hits!
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    Southwest Cue

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    Blue Grass Merry Widow

    [COLOR="Red"]Asking $old
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    Paul Mottey

    [COLOR="Red"]Asking $old
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    Paul Mottey & Rusty Melton

    Paul Mottey & Rusty Melton Sold Pending Payment
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    Richard Chudy

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    Tim Scruggs & Bob Frey

    Tim Scruggs & Bob Frey Asking $Sold Shipped and insured NO TRADES!!
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    Tim Scruggs Big Pin

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    McDermott 1 x 2 case

    Sold! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    FS: 6 Point Josh Treadway

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    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

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