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    Canadian custom cue maker/ cue smith list and province location

    Great list, thanks for sharing.
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    Shaun your cues are finished...

    What is the material used for the butt and joint, its beautiful.
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    404 pool tour

    Does anyone know if the 404 Pool Tour has a website or if there is a calendar showing the upcoming tournaments? I know there is a tournament next weekend, but I can't find anything after that. Thanks!
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    Any word on Janice?

    I haven't been on in awhile and I was wondering how Janice Bludworth is doing? I hope her recovery is going well and I'll continue to keep her and Blud in my prayers. Kent Mc.
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    Canadian Snooker Championship live online

    If anyone is interested, they are showing the Canadian Snooker Championships live online. Just go to and click on the link. Kent Mc.
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    First round match in Vegas

    Hi Sarah, I just noticed your first round match at the BCA. You remember when i told you about a player From my hometown? Well you got a good friend of mine the first match, don't beat her too bad. ;) Hope you ladies have a great match, good luck. Kent Mc.
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    First pro tournament

    Hi Sarah, A friend of mine just got invited to her first pro tournament, the BCA womens event. Is there any advice you could give her? Her nerves are about killing her, what did you find helped you through the first one? I told her to take in the whole experiance of it and to just try her best...
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    Hi Kieth, Any chance of seing an "Eartquake" hit the WPC? I would love to see you talking trash with Steve Davis, that would be hilarious. :D Hope you get over there, Kent Mc.
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    next chapter in cue making

    Hi Blud, When do we get the next chapter in your cue making series? I have learned alot, can't wait. Kent Mc.
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    Canadian winners

    Alex Pagulayan won the Canadian Open Championship beating (i believe) Chris Orme. Catherine Garon beat my hometown girl Angela Belding for the Womens championship. Kent Mc.
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    cue question

    Right now i break with a 21oz. Falcon jump/break cue.What effect will taking the weight bolt out have on the hit of the cue?Any recommendations or alternatives?
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    No Robles at the WPC

    Does anyone know why Tony Robles isn't going to Cardiff? reported that Tony and Buddy Hall are being replaced.It's too bad because they are both great shooter's and,Buddy is a legend of the game.I can't remember who they are being replaced with as they we're not very...