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    Do you know where Dave ended up in the 10 ball?
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    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    Agree completely. That's why I prefaced my comment by saying I've been 100% supportive and enthused that Matchroom can do something great with pool in the U.S. I don't think I'm misinterpreting the situation with Shane and I hope Emily adjusts her approach on that and a couple other things (the...
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    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    Respectfully disagree. Definitely not intended as humor, or humour.
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    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    Before the CPL, she made flippant on-air comments including how Shane was only interested in ice fishing and she thought he was retired. I believe she made similar comments about him another time but I've forgotten exactly when it was.
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    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    I've been all on board with Matchroom leading the way for growth in U.S. pool. For the first time, I went to the last two in-person Mosconi Cups. I bought all the world events I could. So, I really want to give Matchroom the benefit of the doubt and be supportive. BUT, I didn't buy the CPL...
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    2021 World Snooker Championship

    It tells me I have to subscribe to a package. Is there a way to watch free?
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    Amen! Unpardonable.
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    PPV-Action Match March 27-29TH, 2021 Justin Bergman vs Fedor Gorst 9 Ball Race to 100

    Are you able to watch delayed? I may not be available while they're actually playing. Is there a database of previous streams?
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    Shooting with "flat ball"- anybody know what Earl means?

    In the shot Earl is discussing, he clearly means no side spin. Alex drew back into the rail across table for position. Earl goes on to explain that a right-handed person has to hit the ball a little on the left and the lefty has to hit it a little on the right to achieve the "flat ball." This...
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    Poolmanis Instructional Main Thread

    I was really trying to check myself that the base length could be used to predict cue ball position. Along the way, I suspected it had to be true mathematically. And just to verify, 1 = 1, right? :confused:
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    Poolmanis Instructional Main Thread

    Sorry, I think I asked the question in a confusing way. I've seen the Dr. Dave link. I'm asking a question that can probably be derived from his video if I was better at math. But, rather than determining the deflection angle, I'm trying to determine the distance the cue ball will be from the...
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    Poolmanis Instructional Main Thread

    I estimated them from Bob's plot as 1/8 -20 degrees, 1/4 - 27 degrees, 3/8 - 32 degrees, 1/2 - 33.5 degrees, 5/8 - 33 degrees, 3/4 -27.5 degrees, 7/8 - 17 degrees. Next question: If one formed an isosceles triangle from the center of the ghost ball, with one leg extending the shooting line path...
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    Poolmanis Instructional Main Thread

    Is there something that shows the after-impact cue ball direction angles for a rolling cue ball for these fractional hits? I know there are systems for calculating, but is there a resource page that just shows the actual angles for 1/8-7/8? Thanks.
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    Interesting SVB quote

    No doubt! The last thing I want to do is buzz-kill the entertainment this provides. But, it works if we assume (charitably) that the following was intended: I have chosen to play with HOW tips, and I feel to trust the feelings HOW tips bring to my game. For me, it’s all about trusting the...
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    Great champion level players who said that they never did any drills?

    Johan made the Mosconi Cup team do drills. I talked to Sky one time and, since I'm big on drills, I asked him about the drills Johan gave them. Sky wasn't happy about the drills. I asked him if the drills made him a better player. He said, yes, but it's not who he is as a player and it's not...