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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    This is silliness. You argue that personal responsibility addresses people dying of covid. Then you take the opposite position regarding "massive suicides, domestic abuse, alcoholism, depression, and general maladjustment." If there was any consistency to your reasoning, you'd be arguing that...
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    Players dropping out of the Matchroom/Predator CLP

    NASCAR has dozens of partners, some of whom are direct competitors of individual car sponsors. I don't think the individual cars and drivers are required to bear patches from those partners. This seems to be a better comparison. For that matter, I don't think golfers are required to wear...
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    2021 Welsh Ronnie on display

    Why do they call it a "break-off?" I've heard Jeremy say this when announcing. "Potting" a ball makes sense, but "break-off" I don't get.
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    SBE postponed

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    Viewing of John Schmidt's 626 straight pool run

    Is there any website showing a schedule?
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    What's Open in California

    You can come to my house. But you'll have to wear a mask. And socially distance. If you can stand the tyranny. Oh, the horrors. You might melt.
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    Fargo rating

    Thanks for that Mike. How many from 600-649 and 700+, if you have that info handy? My main point was that this would be a nice built-in feature so a person can see how they are progressing compared to the universe of pool players with Fargo ratings.
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    Fargo rating

    Mike Page: I'd like to see the ability in FargoRate to tell where each player is ranked in the U.S. or world. What would be meaningful to me is to know, am I a top 1000 player in the U.S.? Top 1250? Etc. I'd like to know my exact ranking number and those of other players. I'd also like to be...
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    How about this idea to prevent pattern racking in 9 ball and 10 ball

    Don't those solutions, like the pill pool bottle, take too long? I rarely see someone match up racking with a template. We usually rack your own with a wooden rack. So, add in the time getting the balls tight. Sounds slow. What is Paul Schofields' recipe?
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    The more you spread it amongst yourselves, and the more others with the same mindset do, the greater the pool of people in the general population who can unwittingly spread the virus to others. People doing this are taking risks with the lives of others. It doesn't matter that they "get along,"...
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    Yes, because that is what they deserve. JAM said it right, anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
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    Speed Control

    I'm a big fan of drills and I think, especially if I keep track of scores over time, they help keep me focused on improvement. I also mix in playing the ghost so I'm getting full rack time in my practice too. Just hitting balls can become unfocused and counter-productive. Not all table time is...
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    Speed Control

    Scott Lee has a speed drill where you practice lagging the cue ball certain distances. You may be able to find it with a search on this site. Bob Jewett has some drills at (click on the link for miscellaneous files, then number 4 - progressive practice drills). These are really...
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    Not worried about me. Worried about you infecting my family. Not to mention the rest of the population. The more you can spread it without a mask, the greater likelihood it will hit someone I care about. That's my business. I'm asking you to take care of yours by exercising basic courtesy and...
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    If you mean over the next 100 years, possibly. By then, hopefully, the science will progress and it will be more akin to the flu. If you mean in the next 6 to 12 months before the population is vaccinated, that would likely mean millions of Americans dead. Let's agree, at least, that some...