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    ED Young, Predator Special Edition, Becue and a Hanshew jump cue for sale!

    #1 Ed Young cue with 3 shafts, cue is in great condition, minor finish marks, shafts are good. These cues are almost impossible to get or find for sale, will not last long. Butt 15.35 oz, 30 inch long, Shafts are 3.84 Oz, 30 inch long $2000 or best offer #2 Predator SE14, #34 of 100...
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    Buy a "small" table?

    I have A 7FT Diamond blue label for sale, one year old, one owner, moved from the factory to my home in Huntsville al. No light, I will sell for 1k under factory cost. 860 Simonez, 2 sets of balls.... 210-639-9701 TXT or call if interested....
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    Custom AS cue set from the Ukraine for sale!!

    Are all of the inlays real, or is it stickers?
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    Sold 🌶🌶🌶Arthur player and breaker....the set🌶🌶🌶

    I happen to be good friends with Marcus Deinst the guy who made the cue and I could get this set made, but it would take a while....I offer 5k for the set.... 210-639-9701
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    Omega / DPK rare merry widow

    I am interested, but I need better pictures of the end of the butt, many cuemakers copied the Omega cue, did Bender say it was a DPK? Do you have proof? I have several DPKs...... My number is 210-639-9701
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    Sold Tad 1 Zebrawood

    Is the tad still available? If so I offer 1500 for it....
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    after watching mosconi, I'm gona buy a cf shaft.

    Try the Becue, it is closest you will get to a wood like hit with CF, and it the most customizable CF on the market.... They will do any length, white base plate, black base plate, 12mm or 12.5 mm with joints that fits most cues... It is made in Europe, and quality control is just like the cars...
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    9 FT Gold Crown for sale: $ 1400 OBO

    9 ft Gold Crown with ball polishers and two sets of balls, one set is Cyclops balls. Will take $1400 or best offer, table is located in Huntsville, Al, must be disassembled... Call or TXT 210-639-9701
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    Diamond wood butt with 2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.4 M, 31 inch for sale

    Diamond wood butt with 2 Becue Prime M shafts 12. 4 MM, 31 inch and 8 inch extension for sale $ 1200 OBO The butt was built by Jeff Tucker, the Shafts are radial joint with G2 tips standard Becue weigh for the shafts. Yes I will sell each piece separate, I also have a first generation...
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    New Shaftmaster lathe for sale $600 OBO

    New Shaft Master lathe with all accessories, never used for $600 OBO TXT if you want a pic or talk about the price... 210-639-9701
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    2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.M, 31 inch for sale

    I have 2 slightly used Becue Prime M Shafts, Radial joints with G2 medium tips 450 each, both are 31 inches long... txt or call 2106399701
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    2 Becue Prime M shafts 12.5, 31 inch for sale

    I have two slightly used Prime M 12.5, 31 inch radial joint shafts with G2 medium tips on them. I will take 550 each or 1000 for both. 210-639-9701
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    Revo (2) 12.4 radial joint $ 625 or OBO each

    I have two 12.4 Revo Radial joints, both slightly used, not sure I have the bags, but I have the wipes... Both in almost new conditions, but if you need pics I can send them... Txt or call 210-639-9701 if interested.... I will have them at the music city open and the Derby if I still have...
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    Jacoby Custom Cue with REVO shaft $2000 OBO

    I have a beautiful Jacoby Custom cue with the new hybrid pro shaft, equipped with a two piece molinari extention system and a 12.4 REVO shaft for $1700 OBO. Also, a purple heart break jump with two shafts is part of the deal.... I will not sell the Revo separately..... TXt or call...