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    Vivian the criminal can't delete this thread.

    Vivian Villarreal can't delete this thread. Who is still waiting for a refund. Who else had a check altered for a larger amount and cashed. Who is a lawyer or expert on class action or check fraud.
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    My Handicapped event.Finals question.

    Modified double elimination. Undefeated team needs 3, team with one loss needs 5. My format is, if undefeated team makes it to 3, event is over. If one loss makes it to 5 , the one loss team now has to get to 7 while undefeated still needs to reach 3 for the win. My question is, is this a common...
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    Richard Phillippi Ivory and turquoise

    Great playing cue . Reduced $1300 . call 845 565 1994 ask for Dave
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    Old Dale Perry

    SOLD worth anything .
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    Keith Kustom Cue Early 90's

    I have a EARLY 90's Keith Kustom Cue: Rolls Straight Minor ding in the finish of the forearm 1 Shaft Butt weighs 16oz Shaft weighs 04oz Pin serial #078490 No signature $800.00 I will Put on a tip of your choice and recondition the shaft for +25-50.00 extra.
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    Keith Kustom Cue

    Early 90s Keith 1 shaft [/attach] $800
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    Identify a cue

    What cue has Ktm on the bumper . Seller doesnt know the make , it was purchased in the early to mi 90's .
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    Gina cue

    Can someone tell me how much a mid 90's 5 point Gina with Ivory butt steel joint 2 shaft ivory ferrule 's one of the shafts has never been used . Leather wrap . Mint shape just looking for a ballpark value .
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    The APA 9 ball team CHAMPIONS disqualified

    The APA 9 ball team champions cheated by playing a player who wasnt on there roster . He showed fake ID to be able to play in at least 1 match in the 17 - 32 bracket . The team went on to win the final get paid and go home . The APA has told me when they recover the paid out funds , the APA...
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    Earl H and Toby one hole

    ustream gallery billiards and bar
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    Toby Sweet is in the house .

    Toby walked in today looking for one pocket action . He is playing an old sparring partner of his . 10 ball first one pocket next . They are keeping wager amounts to themselves . Still a great match to watch .
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    Magic Rack at Joss event

    If anyone was there this weekend please give your opinion . I saw more packages of 5 or more than I could count . The finals true double elimination saw Phil B from across the pond winning 9-1 , 9-0 vs Shorty . I believe the owner of the room insisted on using them to help speed the pace of play .
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    Fast Eddies Joss event

    There were 57 players , anyone have updates ?
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    Joss event at Fast Eddies

    Heading to the Joss event this week at Fast Eddies in New Milford Ct , any azers going . If so say hello . I will be the one racking lol . David Pinkston
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    Raxx Predator

    Any brackets or updates please .