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    Why are some players using cue extensions for shots they don’t need to reach?

    I'm not tall and use a 3" extension all the time so I can comfortably reach the cue ball past the middle of the table. Bridge length is about 12 inches. Total cue weight is 19.25 ounces. I like the balance with the extension.
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    Advice on moving a table 1000 miles?

    Agree with fly there and do it yourself. I moved 1,600 miles a few years ago. Broke my table down (9' Diamond), loaded it into a rented 20' Budget truck with 1/4" plywood between the slate. The rails were wrapped in the old cloth. Then a great mechanic assembled it at my new home.
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    Don't just practice pool, practice taking falls!

    After finally getting control over my stroke I was able to execute difficult and pressure shots much better. But I still get in modes where I fall apart - sometimes even on simple shots. I figured out that the commonality during those times was emotion - negative and positive emotions. To play...
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    How many Cues do you own today

    I have a few, but only use 2 - playing and break. As I learned the sport I discovered what works for me. Those 2 cues are both better than I am, so I'm probably set for a very long time. I understand collectors but I view cues as tools only. While I appreciate the inlay art in some that doesn't...
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    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    I bought a gross of Masters years ago and it worked just fine. Masters created a lot of chalk dust so I frequently vacuumed and washed the cloth, even though using the Simonis X-1cleaning tool. I read that Taom Pyro is a much cleaner chalk so I tried it. Now I use it exclusively only because I...
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    What is the Best Cue Ball? We have the Red Measles, but let's hear your opinions.

    Differences between cue balls exist, but your opponent has to play the same equipment as you, so adapt. Same goes for tables - cushions, cloth, pockets - they're all different.
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    In my experience all balls wear which affects how they play. You can't polish them back to new - they'll have some amount of abrasions from normal use. Measure the diameters with a micrometer and you'll see the cue and one balls especially are slightly smaller. I'd get new ones of your choice.
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    Should accuracy lines be drawn on pool tables?

    Dressmakers pattern marker. Once rolled on you can vacuum the excess to lighten the line. The line gets fainter but lasts for several washings with a damp microfiber towel.
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    Hours, weeks, months, years, and I’m still lousy

    Get the stoke down first. Said many times here before by others - watch these. I had a lesson with Mark Wilson as did my friend and we both benefited greatly. Mark says this is the hardest thing you'll ever do and I can't disagree. It takes a long time to believe in your stroke so you can...
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    Longer cues

    I weighed mine on an accurate scale. The 6" extension is 2.1 oz The 3" is 1.58 oz and is the one I leave on the cue all the time, even on 7' tables.
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    The perfect GC1, 2, 3, 4, 5, &6, really?

    The issue is clear, I appreciate the photos. And the hole saw template allows you to re-drill in the correct location. I don't understand how they could be manufactured so out of alignment. Lousy quality control.
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    pool room expanding

    I've played there a couple of times - nice room.
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    Is SVB winning less tourneys since switching to cf?

    To steal a line from Hunter S. Thompson - “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, insanity or carbon fiber shafts to anyone, but they've worked for me.” I adapted to the Cynergy CF cue quickly and play more consistently with it. For whatever reason it suits me better than the wood cues...
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    Best pool learning books?

    Mark's book is the best if you can find a copy. As in the three videos he teaches the orthodox stroke. Without a repeatable, straight delivery of the cue stick accelerating thru the cue ball no amount of lessons regarding physics, strategy, drills, etc. will deliver optimum results. His teaching...
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    Jumping up on shots, reconsidered.

    It's a basic part of Mark Wilson's orthodox stroke to keep as still as possible including during post-shot routine. I miss if I jump up early, for whatever reason. However it's never because I already know I missed. Lack of confidence maybe, but that's something I should have dealt with in the...