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    What is your opinion of Lasik surgery?

    If you're in the Philadelphia area go to Dr Siepser, there is no better. "A pioneer on a number of fronts, Dr. Siepser has served as a prime investigator for many lasers, diagnostic devices and lenses now used for...
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    Custom lights

    Alphalite makes flat side lit LED panels that you'd normally install in a dropped ceiling - that would have been the simple solution. I built one from poplar. Way too much work, but I'm happy with the result. I used two 2'x4' panels end to end. The the low voltage dimmer fits in a standard...
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    I don't like the ones with non-slip palm coatings that always wear off leaving bits on the table. Tried Cuetec Axis which I like, but recently am gloveless. With a CF shaft and dry winter conditions, I really don't need one, and am finding my bridge hand is better planted without it. But in the...
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    Thinking when down on the shot. That's why I have bad days. On good days muscle memory takes over. In the zone, Zen, rhythm, actualization, however you describe it - when you believe you can, you succeed.
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I recently drove to St Louis and had 2 days of personal lessons with Mark. I spent a year working on what he teaches in his book before I went. The best thing you can do to burn in what he teaches - and the main thing he worked on with me - is put the ball on the spot and shoot it the length of...
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    Age Related Decline

    I had sciatica, and virtually got rid of it with reverse hyper-extensions. Talk to your doctor first, and start without any weight.
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    Age Related Decline

    That is the truth. Too bad when I was young I spent my time and energy wrenching and racing motorcycles. It was incredible fun, but pool is something you can do your entire life. Yes, eyesight, energy, etc. decline, but when you miss a shot it's no big deal. On a bike mistakes hold unpleasant...
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    I'm using a Cuetec Cynergy SVB Dakota Edition now. I can't play like Shane, but the cue helped me to be more consistent than any other. Hit, feel, whatever, I trust my stroke better when using it. And that makes the cue ball listen to me more often. I doubt it's the best overall because we...
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    Cloth 860 vs 920?

    Same here. David Issacs is my mechanic and made sure I had 860HR.
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    Best Pool Balls?

    I haven't played with some of the sets mentioned in this thread so I've no useful input on brand. But they all wear, and not just because they hit the floor and get dinged. The 1 ball seems to get the most wear in rotation games because it's the head ball. You can measure the diameter with a...
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    Serious question about today's cues.

    Thank you for the perspective of someone who built cues. Again, I don't disagree that mass produced cues are as finely crafted or detailed as custom ones. If you can feel it and it improves your game physically or emotionally, by all means get the custom cue. I'll bet that most of us can only...
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    Serious question about today's cues.

    "I just don't know how one could find that type of feeling with a mass produced, machine made object." I understand the appreciation of craftsmanship having built many things in my lifetime from wood, metal, brick, plastic - you name it. I take much pride in producing quality work. But I've...
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    Ideas that haven't saved pool

    Instead of looking for a sponsor it has to get the attention of a cable TV entity. They're the ones "crafting" shows, because they know what gets ratings. Pool should appeal to sports junkies because they can bet on it. If an endless series of house hunter/home improvement/real estate agent...
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    Reaching the top of your game

    I've had too many flaws to list, but they all had to do with stroke. The most difficult to correct were tightening the grip hand prior to impact and the gentle but firm acceleration at the end of the stroke. The thing I never seem to get is consistency with both of the above. I have a good...
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    Changing cue weight with age

    I'm not young and have recently moved to a heavier cue with good success. At least for me it's working right now. I know we can have a great deal of influence on physical abilities as we age - all it takes is the will to go to the gym and lift weights, and not 2 1/2 or 5 pound dumbbells' either...