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    Techno Dud

    Not all razor blades are created equal. Make sure you're using good blades, I use Irwin bi-metal. With that said, sometimes a blade comes out of the package with a bad edge. If you start cutting a tip and you get resistance, flip it over and try the other side. If it's still fighting you...
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    I just switched to this, and I've been very happy so far. I do thin it for sealing shafts.
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    LTB carbide sanding mandrels

    Let me know if you have a set Chris
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    LTB carbide sanding mandrels

    I sent a message to Jetercues about the sets he posted, but looks like he hasn't been online in a month. I need a set of 3/8-10 .850 carbide sanding mandrels for sure, and possibly a set of .842 uni-loc. Does anyone have a set they are looking to sell, or a suggestion on who to get a set through?
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    Shim Stock for Collets

    Just sent PayPal
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    Schon mid cue extension

    How long? I have a few built depending on what you're looking for.
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    LTB Zan Hybrid Max tips

    I would appreciate if someone could share a contact with me as well. my source seems to always be sold out.
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    Does anyone bash their tip with a ball after installing it?

    I tell all my customers to go put a few hours of play on a new tip, then stop back and I'll trim and reshape for them. I think most tips need to "settle in" and then play their best. I taper new tip installs just a hair so they have more room to mushroom, but even then almost all require a...
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    Diveny Cues Inagural Barbox Classic -

    Here's a link to the podcast where he discusses it, well worth a listen:
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    Diveny Cues Inagural Barbox Classic -

    Scott's from MN. Great guy, great player. The video above is not the norm for him. There is a podcast out there where he talks about that tournament and addresses what was going on. He's not a slow player, and at a 733 Fargo, he plays great.
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    How to mess up a break/jump cue

    Samsara is the tip you are looking for. Breaks hard with control, yet still jumps.
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    small head weight screws

    I'm looking for 3/8-16 weight bolts that have the smaller head size than what Atlas sells. I've looked around but haven't found any. I've had a bunch of cues lately come in that need that smaller size, and I'm sick of turning down the head on the weight bolts atlas sells. Anyone have a lead...
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    Need 1/2" brown phenolic JC

    I'm in between houses and can't find my box of phenolic in my storage unit. I need 1/2" of the joint size brown phenolic that Mason sold. It gets lighter when cut and darkens with age. Here is a pic of the cue I need to match up with. Will PayPal or send a check to cover the phenolic and...
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    uni-loc bullet joint pin & insert?

    Does anyone have a uni-loc bullet joint pin and insert that they would be willing to sell? I just placed an order with Atlas and have someone with a Poison cue that wants an extension. Thought I would see if someone has a set they'd be willing to part with rather than try to come up with...