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    Ronnie O’Sullivan explains Damien Hirst Fastest 147

    34:10 begins Ronnie’s explanation of his 5:20 147 http:// Check this out Snooker and billiards enthusiasts.
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    "CUEpid" Oil Paint 24" x 12"

    Hello fellow AZ'rs, I wanted to share with you an oil painting that I completed last week. I imagined the concept in my mind, drew a sketch and wala here is the final product. I'm curious your thoughts/comments/constructive criticisms. I will share my vision that the piece attempts to...
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    Test CUEpid Oil Paint

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    Miami Florida places to play?

    Hello, I am looking to play on 9' tables in Miami. Would like to possible meet AZ'rs in the area. Any reputable nice places to play?
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    Big Nasty remembrance

    Thank you all for the kind complements. This is my 3rd month at art and I created this a month ago. Meaning, I'm a couple balls better than when I painted this. Here is an example of a piece I did last week.
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    Big Nasty remembrance

    I'm discovering art (oil and arcrylic paint and drawing [the necessary evil of art]), so I attempt an arcrylic paint of Big Nasty on draw/paint paper. I hope you enjoy my rendition and remeberance of Big Nasty. Jay P
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    Remembering Big Nasty

    I just began paint and draw a couple months ago and have some success , so I thought I'd try n paint something here.
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    Stalev 2014 Ten Ball race to 8 finals

    Сталев (Stalev) -vs.- Чинахов (Chinahov) FINAL Pool 10 Кубок Кремля 2014 Stick with it till the end...enjoyable match to watch. Jay P
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    Acis "Ado" Tadique Vs Efren "Bata" Reyes (Moneygame P55,000)

    http:// Acis goes to 25 Efren goes to 24 Thanks to 69billiard Jay P.
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    AZ's very own Uwate is live on stream table

    XPC - Tony Crosby's Florida Pool Tour - Free Live Stream this Saturday, and Sunday Score is 2:2
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    Is it possible for streamers to offer two types of streams?

    It doesn't matter what sport, certain commentators can and will get annoying to sports fans. I remember ppv consumers stating they refused to purchase an event because of commentary alone. Wouldn't it be great to mute commentators, but still be able to hear the table action? I read where...
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    2014 World 9-Ball: SVB vs. Jung-Lin play by play

    SVB breaks rack 1 and makes 5 balls...has to play safe off one ball. JL kicks, hits the one ball and scratches. Easy out with BIH. 1-0 SVB
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    USBTC Stream Updates 2-27-14

    Biado vs. Frost 9Ball Race to 9 3-2 Frost
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    USBTC 10 Ball 4th place match just started

    Shaw vs. Klatt Shaw wins lag then follows up with Break and Run 1-0 Shaw
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    TAR 37 Caption Contest: Win a Free PPV

    Caption Contest Caption Contest TAR 37