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    Watch the Mosconi Cup 2017 if you live in the U.S.

    If you receive TV through a supported paid servece, you will be able to watch the Mosconi Cup 2017. ESPN 3 is streaming the Mosconi Cup this year, but only for those that subscribe to select cable services. ( Cable One, DirecTV, Dish, and others) If you aren't a...
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    Avatar Avatar Avatar - how to choose an avatar?

    This one has been suggested for me at times ..... . .
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    Do You Use The Ignore Feature ?

    The aiming section seems to attract more than it's share of people that many members find obnoxious. Do you respond by using the ignore feature of azb? . .
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    Watch the Mosconi Cup 2016 - FREE

    ESPN 3 is streaming the Mosconi Cup this year, but only for those that subscribe to select cable services. If you aren't a subscriber to one of the services required, you can still get it though if you are in the United States, The "not so secret" way is to sign up at Sling TV ...
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    WTB - Banks That Don't Go But Do

    The best price I can find online is $34.95 for a new 2 dvd set. Anyone know of a better deal out there? .
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    Regarding John Schmidt being convinced by a friend that "it works".

    Aiming Thread Trolls For the trolls out there - Your opinions have been carefully reconsidered .... . .. Interesting...... The same result as before !! . . .
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    Earl with the New Break Stance @ Accu-Stats 10-ball

    As soon as I get my weights on, I'll be properly attired.
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    How To Watch The Mosconi Cup 2015 - If You Can't Get ESPN3

    If you don't have access to espn3, and no free streams are available, I've posted instructions on how you can watch it at: . . GO USA !!!!! .
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    Mosconi Cup 2015 - If You Can't Get ESPN3

    If you can't get the Mosconi Cup with ESPN3, and no free streams are available, you still can watch it. In most countries, it will cost $7.99 for all 4 days. If you live in countries that are not supported, it will cost an additional $9.99 for a 4 day total of $17.98. The first step is to...
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    Phot uploads aren't working

    Looks like it works OK.
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    Wanted - A New Rating For AZB Members

    In the user panel shown on the left, along with Posts, vCash, iTrader, etc., I'd like a category showing the number Of Ignore Lists the user is on. That would give the trolls and agitators the credit they deserve, and show how much they're appreciated for their contributions to the forum. Who...
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    Scratch While Attempting To Pocket Eight (but not making the 8)

    I started playing pool in the late 1950's. I played mostly in bars, & only played a few times in a real pool hall. Everyone seemed to play that you lost if you scratched on the 8. They also went by the rule that if you missed making the 8, but scratched, it was a loss of game. The only time I...
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    Stevie's CTE video

    “Never argue with a fool, .......onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” ― Mark Twain .
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    FS: ~~ 90-90 System by Ron Vitello

    ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD This aiming system is different from most, and is easy to learn. It consists of 2 DVDs and a book that are in excellent condition. .
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    FS: ~~ CTE Pro One - The Final Chapter

    SOLD ........ A revolutionary aiming system. This is a two DVD set that is in excellent condition. PM for my PayPal Info. .