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    WTB This Joss SP

    Joss JHCO5 Used but not abused. Thanks for looking.
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    WTB Plain Jane Schon Player

    Used but not abused, with a nice price please. I've never had one in my hands and would like to see if the hit is as nice as advertised before buying a more expensive model. Thanks for looking. Ricky
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    Shane Van Boening VS. Earl Strickland At Steinway Billiards

    Part 1: Part 2:
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    Super Billiards Expo 2013 Finals Van Boening Vs. Hohmann
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    YOUTUBE VIDEO: Steinway Billiards Challenge Earl Strickland/Darren Appleton vs Johnny Part 1 only. Still pretty cool.
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    TAP coverage continues LIVE from the Super Billiards Expo.
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    Strickland/ Appleton VS. Archer/ Hatch

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    My New Prulhiere Custom Cue Design in Progress

    Getting close to a final design on my new custom from Prulhiere cues. Just wanted to say that Brian has been extremely easy to work with, and pretty much nailed the design I had in mind on the first try. Ebony Grip and points, everything else is Olivewood. I'm trying to decide if I want any trim...
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    Francisco Bustamante vs. Jayson Shaw

    Francisco Bustamante vs. Jayson Shaw Updates Francisco Bustamante(1) vs. Jayson Shaw (0)
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    Ebay 1960 Herman Rambow Pool Cue

    Just listed on Ebay, thought I'd pass it along to any interested. Not my listing.
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    Advice on repairing a Joss buttcap

    Is this repairable ? If so I'd like some tips. Thanks !
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    WTB Buttcap for my Joss

    I believe it's an origanal N7 (circa 1991) but far from positive. Could use some advice on where to buy a replacement buttcap. Thanks, Ricky
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    Circle Draw @ The DCC

    So I'm watching Niels Feijen vs Ronnie Alcano at the Derby City Classic Big Foot 10 Ball Challenge when I see Niels hit what the announcer calls a "Circle Draw." I'm pretty sure I heard Bert Kinnester describe a shot similar to this as "just low" but DAMN there's a lot of action on that ball ...
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    WTB Gold Letter Joss

    GOT ONE ! THANKS TO ALL THAT RESPONDED ! Looking for a player, nothing fancy. Thanks, Ricky
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    Alex Pagulayan Vs Shawn Putnam Finals @ DCC

    9 PM start. Will post results as timely as I can.