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    Moving Table For New Floor

    I have a 9 foot Gold Crown III in my downstairs rec room. As part of a home renovation project we will be putting a new floor down. The room currently has a wall-to-wall indoor-outdoor carpet that will be taken up. I need to move the pool table to lay the new flooring. The rec room is large...
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    Derby City Straight Pool 2017

    2017 DCC Final Summary Here is a summary of the 14.1 Challenge
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    What's With Cleaning The Cue Ball So Often?

    I'm referring to the Worlds Tournament. In the final game yesterday they were cleaning the cue ball all the time - after every rack and sometimes during the rack - and still there were skids. If the commentators solved this mystery I didn't hear it, so I ask the group: * did the chalk that...
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    World's Qualifier At Red Shoes This Saturday

    Here is John Lavin's announcement from the tournament thread: Red Shoes Billiards will be hosting a "QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT" for the 74th World Tournament of 14.1.on Saturday June 21st, 2014. This is a limited field (closed at FIRST 16 paid players). This is a double elimination (100 point...
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    dcc 14.1

    Here's some info:
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    BBC and Co.

    I went looking on youtube to find this old song and I was really surprised at the record label: You'll see that it does relate to billiard history, in a way.
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    Reyes: Creative Straight Pool

    This clip may have been posted before but I hadn't seen it. It shows a young looking Efren Reyes running a couple of racks in a tournament. The first rack has a great masse shot and then Reyes manufacturing a break ball in a way that neither Bill Incardona nor Danny Diliberto saw coming...
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    Table Move

    The owner of Red Shoes Billiards in Alsip IL (screen name "Red Shoes") posted the following question in the main forum. I'm repeating it here because you guys would know best: Some years ago (when I was doing my last remodeling) a buddy of mine "borrowed" a table lift from a room in Brookfield...
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    High Run Definition In Billiard Buddy

    I've pointed out what I think is a minor problem in the otherwise excellent Billiard Buddy scoring app and discussed it with the programmer. I post the issue here to make sure I'm right before the programmer goes to any trouble to change it. Let's say I run 3 racks after the opening safety...
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    ISO Old Fashioned Pool Rooms In Florida

    So the wife wants to move to Florida for at least part of the year. Her only requirement is to be near the Gulf because she loves to swim in the Gulf's warm water. My requirement is that there be a nice old-fashioned pool hall not too far driving distance (say 40 miles or less) from the Gulf...
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    Balls Per Inning

    Is there a convention for calculating average balls per inning? The Billiard Buddy scoring app for iPhones and iPads computes the inning average. It counts as an inning one which consists of a single safety shot, so if you have a lot of safety play in your game your inning average won't look...
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    Chalk Shark

    This is a magnetic chalk holder that attaches to your belt. There are others out there but this one is really high quality. The magnetic field is strong - get the chalk anywhere in the vicinity of the holder and it grabs. It uses earth magnets. The holder is covered in leather front and...
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    Rambow signed cues

    Hi, Mr. Bond - I sold the cue probably 45 years ago but I'm very sure that it looked like the photo below, except with my name. The signature was just as flowery as that one. I had assumed that Herman had signed it himself but what did I know? I don't know if it was burnt or signed in ink...
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    The Filipino Players at DCC

    I'd like to offer some kudos to the Filipino players who took part this year in the DCC 14.1 Challenge - Alex, Dennis Orcollo and Warren Kiamco (apologies if there were others, these are the three I remember). Alex, Dennis and Warren played all the DCC events plus the Fatboy 10 Ball Challenge...
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    State of the Art in Case Making

    18 months and counting with the puzzle twist latch and never a problem (I seldom twist it - it holds just fine without it). I believe my case is the one in the puzzle twist photo. I strongly agree that there's never been a better time for cue cases. You especially appreciate this when you...