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    What model Olhausen? How do they play?

    I’m not looking at it to keep. I’m reselling. Just curious as to how they play.
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    What model Olhausen? How do they play?

    Hello all! Could I get some input on what model this Olhausen is and maybe how they play? It’s fairly new I believe. I have a GC 4 and wouldn’t expect it to play as well as it but how would it compare to the GC4? Any and all reply’s appreciated! Thanks!
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    Cue I’d help please!

    So what do u think it’s worth?
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    Cue I’d help please!

    Hello all! I’m looking for a possible ID on this cue. The guy says he thinks it’s about 60 years old…..🤷‍♂️ Looks to me similar to an old Adams but would like some better opinions. He didn’t give a set price but he said he’d like to get $250-300 for it. So what ya think? All opinions welcome!
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    Another One Pocket WWYD

    This is the best option for a mediocre player. Not a lot of risk and easy to perform.
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    My Fargorate progression

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    Value of McDermott D7 please.

    Hello guys. I need a resale value of this McDermott D7 cue. Good condition. Rolls straight. It’s the only pic I have. Thanks!
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    Huebler model?

    Hello All! I’m looking for the model and maybe a value for this Huebler. It’s the only pic I have. I may can pick it up but the seller hasn’t given me a price. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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    What’s the best way?

    Hello all! This may seem like a common sense question but what’s the best way to make a trade happen as far as trusting each other to follow thru. Even trade, no money involved. I don’t think the individual I’m trading with is on AzB so that takes out references. Any input appreciated!
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    Any Golf players on board?

    Pool golf game…..🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Any Golf players on board?

    Hello All! I play in a golf game a couple of times a week with a group of old retired guys. They all play pretty good and I’m winning more than losing but was hoping some of you that play the game can pass on some tips, advice or whatever! I know all the in’s and outs but how about some of the...
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    Sold Mike Gulyassy PHX Ultimate Shaft!

    I don’t have Calipers but on Mike’s website it says the Ultimate shaft is 12.7
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    Sold Mike Gulyassy PHX Ultimate Shaft!

    3/8x10. No insert. I’m not sure on the width at the joint. I’m sure Mike is on the forum. You can probably reach out to him for any exact specs. Thanks!
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    Sold Mike Gulyassy PHX Ultimate Shaft!

    Hello All! I have a Mike Gulyassy PHX Ultimate shaft for sale. Excellent condition, been played with very little. A couple of small nicks, too small to see in pics. Small amount of chalk dust towards the joint end. Barely noticeable, I tried to show it in the pics. Shaft weighs 3.7...