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    Ikon 2-1 butt & Uni-loc weight kit f/s

    Selling a Predator Ikon 2-1 butt with a Predator Uni-loc weight kit. SOLD shipped. Paypal or postal m/o. I won't seperate the two. The butt is IMO 95%.. A few scratches at the base that you can see in the pic. Other then that nothing else is wrong with it. Has a Predator j/p included. The weight...
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    JB Case Pocket F/S

    I'm selling a JB Case Magnetic Lid Pocket. $old shipped. Size- 6" x 2.75" x 1.5" I can email other pic's.
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    "Play Great Pool"

    I'm selling a NEW copy of Mark Wilson's book "Play Great Pool" Shipped. PM me for payment info. SOLD
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    Byrne Book for trade.

    Wound up buying 2 of these books because I lost the 1st one. Well I sold the 2nd one & just found the 1st one that I had thought was lost & want to trade it for a different pool related book. The book is in ave. cond. some bent corners is all. Let me know what you have in a PM. Thanks
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    F/S Ikon 1-2 Butt

    Predator Ikon 1-2 butt f/s. It has one pretty good ding in it other wise just some bumps & bruise's. Rolls good. $230 shipped.
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    The mail man delivered my new JB Case yesterday. It's nothing fancy just a 2x4 black case. Just what I wanted.
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    I sent my BK2 to Muellers a couple weeks ago to have Ryan install a stacked wrap on it. It use to be wrap less. I know the wrap is worth more than the cue but I just wanted something different. I ask Ryan to try & match the color of the wrap to the color of Predator's panther. I have to say he...
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    WTB 314-2 Uni-loc 30"

    Looking to buy a 314-2 Uni-loc silver ring collar 30" shaft. In excellent cond. I'll pay through Paypal
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    WTB Ikon-1

    Looking to maybe pick up a decent Predator Ikon 1-1 or Ikon 2-1. With a 314-2. I can get a new one out the door for $520.
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    1) The Great Break Shot. by Charley Bond 2) Play your Best Pool. by Phil Capelle (coffee stained on the outer cover but did not hurt the readability in anyway). 3) The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards. by Dr. Dave I'll sell all 3 for SOLD
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    Uni-loc 314-2

    I'm selling a used Predator uni-loc 314-2 shaft. Black collar with silver ring. 29" It has a Kamui Black Med. tip on it. Rolls good. NEW PRICE $150 shipped.
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    Slug Doctor

    Slug Doctor Tight Rack System F/S. Used 1 time. Extra dots. SOLD shipped
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    Q Claw

    Q Claw f/s 3cue NEW SOLD SOLD