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    Just for fun

    Very cool, I appreciate people with good taste Billiards and cars are my everything Well, if you put this together, what do you say?
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    Can you identify this glove brand?

    Once my girlfriend gave me these gloves well breathable, have an anti-slip pad on the inner side of the palm, excellent grip on the cloth the great thing, already two years of pleasure
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    Toughest Table?

    If we're talking about tables here, let me get a little distracted:groucho: How tough is this table? This is former martial arts fighter Steve Vineck from Fredericktown, Missouri who created a huge pool table, its length is 9.1 meters. He made it on the site of his pool, spending 39 thousand...
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    Stolen Cues

    I have an old friend who has been playing for a very long time, goes every Friday to the same club as me, and one day after the game he left his cue on the table and went to the toilet, when he returned, there was no cue on the table. We thought it was someone's joke or that someone simply...
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    Looking for material on Bill Werbeniuk

    Hi! The 80s in snooker are rightfully considered the Golden Age. This period is also called the "Time when snooker ruled the world". The audience for the legendary 1985 World Cup final was over 18 million. A special charm to snooker was given by the special charisma and originality of the...
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    Masako Katsura: "The first lady of billiards" and the national heroine of Japan

    Masako Katsura: "The first lady of billiards" and the national heroine of Japan I want to leave this significant woman here 25 years as there is no legend with us Masako Katsura was called "the first lady of billiards", she won one title after another, despite condemnation and criticism, she...