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    1940's Brunswick Centennial pool table.` Not mine but looks nice.
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    I just got my cue back from Steve Klapp. It is perfect. He repaired a couple areas that I thought were forever. A special thanks to Steve, and a recommendation to everyone else that needs a refinish or even just thought about freshening a cue up.
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    Jd cue

    Does anyone know how well stock shafts joints match up to a JD cue? Thank you in advance
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    Quick question-software

    A while back people where discussing a software used for drawing cue designs. What was it? I searched and couldn't narrow it down. Thanks in advance.
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    Gold crown

    There is a thread on how to fix a possible sag onthe ends of a Gold Crown 3. I remember hearing it was written by RKC. I have tried the search function and apperently can't word it correctly to find the result I need. Could someone send please me the link? Thank you in advance.
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    reuse siminos

    I just bought a gold crown that came with decent Siminos 760. In the general forum someone has stated that Siminos shouldn't be reinstalled. True ? Not true? Pro's and cons. Thank you in advance. Bob
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    Tables-Gold crown 3s

    Tables-Gold crown 3s-$800 Nice young fellow to deaL with. Brockport Billiards-Upstate NY Up for sale: 4 nice 9' gold crown 3s 5 really nice valley 7' barbox tables, We have had many world champions play on these tables, including Mike...
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    Z compared to Z2

    Does the Z2 hit stiffer than the Z. I used to use a z but after a year or two it started to feel "whippy" I tried a search but I must be really bad at it. Nothing came up. Thanks in advance.
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    I have an ob shaft, uni-loc I would trade for for a thin shaft. I have a z and an ObII, I am looking for something else. The OB shaft doesn't have five hours on it. If someone had a 3/8 x 8 radial pin shaft I may also be interested.
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    Brunswick Anniversary

    This isn't mine although I wouldn't mind. The picture of the table looks nice. If anyone is looking. Antique Brunswick Anniversary Pool Table. Built approximately 1950. Perfect Condition. 9 foot table with custom cover, set of balls, appx. 10 sticks with rack. Everything you need for the...
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    Clay Balls

    I have some clay balls. Most are very rough but could finish a set for someone The glare is a one ball where the yellow has faded to to almost white. There are balls from three different sets. No Idea of or if there is a value. If you want something let me know or make an offer.
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    Lucasi and Predator

    I have two Lucasi cues and two predator shafts all uniloc. Both cues are around 19 oz. The z shaft is very used and the 314 is pretty nice.
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    I am working on a couple of tables for my house. I am not the caliber of player many on this forum are. This being said- is it worth the extra money for the artimis rubber over the regular rubber?
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    I just bought a beautiful cue with a 3/8 x 8 radial pin. I am looking for shafts that fit this pin. I see that there are 3/8 x 8 and 3/8 x 10. If a shaft says radial pin, how can I tell which one it is? Please excuse my ingnorance. Up until now all I have used is uni-loc.
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    Has anyone seen any of the cues by kabayan_pc on ebay? How was the craftsmanship? Did it hold up...