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    Been a while.

    and some of the butts:
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    Been a while.

    Been a while since I took my cues out from the case. Random shots of some of my favourites; will find time to shoot the others too. Pardon the resolution - all iPhone pics.
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    *-*-* Richard Harris Bluegrass Amazing *-*-*

    PM sent. Thks!!
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    New to me Hercek

    Looks great! I just got one which looks similar. Will find time to post pics of it. Enjoy!
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    Singapore Cue Exhibition 2013

    U should!! Look forward to meeting you in person.
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    Highly Figured Camatillo, Curly Maple, and Abalone Shell

    Tried it as well. Hits awesome!!
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    Zylr for sale

    PM sent. Thks!
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    I like cute bottoms

    I want one of those curlies!!! :eek:
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    I like cute bottoms

    And my additional two projects as well =)
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    Show your Sly customs

    Yup, PJ. Ivory stitch rings.
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    Show your Sly customs

    Nothing fancy. We'll let the woods do the talking.
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    I like cute bottoms

    Can't wait to see mine!!
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    Ten by Twenty

    Yup, JB. Great work from him as always.
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    Ten by Twenty

    New bazooka to store my woods. Couple of the cuemakers should be easily identified via the JPs.
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    Ebony VOLLMER Cue FS

    Would have jumped on it if not for international shipping =( Great price, great guy. Don't wait!