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    Been a while.

    Been a while since I took my cues out from the case. Random shots of some of my favourites; will find time to shoot the others too. Pardon the resolution - all iPhone pics.
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    Ten by Twenty

    New bazooka to store my woods. Couple of the cuemakers should be easily identified via the JPs.
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    Latest addition - Gina 11D

    Birdseye/snakewood 11D with lizard wrap and ivory/snakewood JPs.
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    Leon Sly - Sick birdseye, swirly coco

    Always a fan of sick woods. Great piece of work from Mr. Leon Sly.
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    Capone - Gorgeous Tulipwood into ebony

    Made a couple of acquisitions in the last few months but never found time to post pics of them. Finally had a day off today we go. First off, a gorgeous tulipwood 6-pointer from Capone. Jet black gaboon ebony nose, vibrant veneers and matching rings.
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    Wanted: Gina 1x2 Whitten case

    As the title suggests: looking for a 1x2 Whitten case with Gina logo. New/mint condition. Pls pm me or email me at if you have any. Cheers.
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    Masonh Birdseye & Koa - New pics

    Mr Postman finally delivered the cue last week. Gorgeous cue. Sick woods. Monster player. Not to mention that Mason is a GREAT guy to work with. We'll let the pics do the talking:
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    Singapore Cue Exhibition 2009

    Hi guys, The earlier thread was deleted so here I am re-posting it. As some of you would have already read, Cyberrot and myself have been very keen to raise the awareness of custom cues in Singapore (see our blog at and we organised the first ever Singapore Cue...
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    New addition - Fancy Richard Harris

    8 bem points recut with 8 burl points in coco nose. All white is ivory. Thanks for the great deal, Mike. Group pix with my other Bluegrass:
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    Looking for Gina under 4K

    Hi guys, I was thinking of ordering one from the master himself. But no harm checking to see if there are any interesting Ginas on the market. As per topic, looking for one under 4k (but not that keen on those plain 4 pt 4 veneer Ginas). Preferably under 19.5oz as well. Hit me with what...
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    Latest addition - Ebony Tascarella

    Newest addition to my collection - Ebony Tascarella. Nothing fancy about it - just the simple, classy look. Enjoy the pix:
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    Chris Bryne - Wrapless amboyna/birsdeye

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted. Just received this cue from Chris Bryne - it's a gorgeous knockout cue :eek::D 5 bem pts into burl nose Black/white/black veneers: Fancy JPs: Sick bem: Ivory hoppe ring (and his beautiful signature): Whole cue:
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    My humble collection

    Hi guys, Was feeling a bit bored so decided to take a group shot of my humble collection. Hope you enjoy the lovely woods in these cues :D From L to R: bem BG, 9-pointer 95' SW, rosewood Haley, curly Koa JMW, burl wrapless BG, bem 10-point Bender
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    Looking for Mottey

    Hi guys, Thinking of ordering a cue from Paul but just though of posting here in case someone has what i am looking for. Anyone got a mottey with the following specs: - Less than $2500 - 19.0 - 19.3oz - SS joint - Wrapless/Lizard/Leather warp Pls post pics and asking price or feel free to...
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    Chris Bryne in progress - Burl and birdseye

    Recently ordered a wrapless burl and birdseye cue from Chris Bryne, whom, imo, is one of the best cuemakers I've dealt with. Great communication, great attitude, and has some really nice looking woods. Cue is obviously still in its infant stage. Will update with pics as and when possible...