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    Best Pricing on Pechauer?

    I used to shoot pool recreationally quite a bit, but for quite a few years life (work, wife, and kids) has kept me from playing as much as I'd like. Now for the first time in my life I have a table of my own, and I'd like to have equipment that can grow with me as I practice and my skills...
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    5280 Cues?

    Does anyone know anything about 5280 cues? They say that they are based in my home state, but I can’t seem to find any information about them. Thanks!
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    Entry/mid level low deflection cue

    Does anyone have recommendations for an entry/mid level low deflection cue? I’m having my first table set up in my home early next week, hello like to have something a little nicer than the house cues it came with so I can learn to play with English, etc.
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    Cloudy balls

    I just bought a Gold Crown IV that came with a nice set of Centennial balls, but the balls appear to be cloudy. Is this something that can be fixed with Aramith cleaner or restorer?
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    Photos of tables for felt color decision

    I just picked up a beautiful Gold Crown IV with Tournament Blue Simonis felt which my wife informed me is not going to work. We are leaning towards replacing the felt with one of the Simonis green colors or alternatively Mocha or Slate. Any chance you can share photos of your tables and let me...
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    Gold Crown VI

    Is a new Gold Crown VI worth anywhere near the price? At $9,950 for an 8’ one could get almost any table on the market.
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    Gold Crown VI

    My wife and I are about to pull the trigger on a new table and are down to a Brunswick furniture type table (the Treviso) and a new Gold Crown VI. My question is this: are there any reviews out for the GC VI? It is a little hard to stomach $9,950 for an 8’ table, and while I know I could get...