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    Predator p3 with revo, should I buy?

    My first “fancy” pool cue, and Predator as well, was a black P3 which I paired with a Vantage shaft, but also I bought a Revo 12.4 with it. To shorten my story I’ll let you know I’ve never used the revo, trust me. I just fell in love with my vantage shaft since the beginning, solid hit and...
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    Want to learn 3-cushion

    Beautiful game, once you start playing you’ll never stop
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    DAZN failure

    Working good so far here in Canada
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    No more cocobolo in Longoni cues

    I thought the same about my “Prince - grey edition” Longoni cue, cause I wanted to sell it soon but now I’d prefer to keep it longer
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    No more cocobolo in Longoni cues

    Thank you guys, I’ve been reading several articles about this issue, so I’m amazed about how the price has increased recently. In fact, one post is entitled “Cocobolo: A fine wood more valuable than coke” 😝
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    No more cocobolo in Longoni cues

    Thank you guys, their answers might be good reasons
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    No more cocobolo in Longoni cues

    Few days ago, Longoni posted on its Facebook page an announcement about they will stop using Cocobolo in their production cues. Does anyone know the reasons? Is there any prohibition with this wood? A Quality or economic issue?
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    Predator BK2 remake on February?

    Originally, I asked this question because I wanted to buy a BK3. Then, somebody told me the reissue rumour but nobody knew anything about it, so I waited few months because BK2 reviews are good, however last moth I got a good deal for a flawless BK3. Even though I’m very happy and love my BK3 I...
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    Predator BK2 remake on February?

    Ok, after 6 months of my question…. Finally Predator answered it :)
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    Longoni cues

    In my opinion they have a firm hit in general. I have also noticed it is constant in all models, from one-star to signature pro. However, there are slightly differences according to the kind of shaft and joint that you play with. For instance, I have a signature pro model with a “VP2” joint...
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    Predator BK2 remake on February?

    No answers?
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    Predator BK2 remake on February?

    Hello everyone, I heard a rumor about predator is launching a remake of the BK2, does anybody know something?
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    what cues that you own - Canada only

    Hi The_JV, I bought them on few years ago, when I was living in Mexico. The best part is I didn't pay a dime of taxes (Maybe customs didn´t have any idea about the price lol). I know that one Longoni dealer in Canada is as well. Regards,
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    Cleaning laminated shaft properly

    Hello everyone, I've bought my first laminated pool shaft few months ago, a Vantage to be specific. So, I've noticed few small dents below the ferrule, therefore I have the following comments: 1.-Is it normal to get those dents? (I've never hit it against anything, I take care of it so much...
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    Viking joins Carbon “fever”

    Hello everyone, Firstly I hope you’re doing well, I‘ve read a post about Viking is finally releasing its own CF shaft, in my perspective is a good new, not only because this action gives an option to Viking owners to have a full Viking product with CF technology, but also increases...