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    Post a link to the thread you most enjoyed.

    And give a brief description why you liked it so others can get a quick idea wether they too want to read it.
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    Did McCreedy and CJ ever match up?

    Who won? Who was the better player back then?
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    Welcome back to the Biebs!

    Wish I was making a welcome back Ron Swanson thread but Biebs is good enough I guess.:) Welcome back man!
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    How have the French Top Team done at the derby?

    I'm talking action wise. Haw Mr. Action lived up to his name there? What big matches have occured?
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    Team French baby! The best team in billiards.

    I think... I dont even really know what it is. Anyone know? And why would ESPN be interested enough to call him?
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    If young is what you want...

    Then why not have... Bergman Sky Hall Chip Joey Could be a good team for this event.
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    Is there anything to be learned from the Asian players?

    Why are they so good? Is it the action that the Filipinos stay in? Is it the perfect mechanics of the Taiwanese? Are they just born with it? Is it their desire that pushes them above and beyond? What is it?
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    What time are the matches today?

    And is it true double elimination?
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    Biggest myths in pool today

    What are some of the biggest myths in pool these days. I'll start 9-ball is a broken game and 10-ball is much better= myth
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    Did you know (racking secrets)

    The dead corner ball @7:20
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    John Barton

    What system do you use for this shot? back of the ball, ghost ball, what?
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    Does a touch of outside...

    Does a touch of outside prevent skids better?
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    My thoughts on how Shane can improve.

    The key to improvement for Shane lies in not needing to win so badly. Wanting to win is one thing but needing to win takes pressure to a whole other level. It is this "need" that effects your performance when it comes down to the wire, or when things dont go your way, etc. It's time for...
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    The good thing!

    In all seriousness... this is the most passion I've seen around here in a minute. It's almost like we have real sports fans around here all of a sudden.
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    Who won the Mike Shane match?

    I missed it.