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    Looking for bill smith aka mr3cushion

    Does anyone know bill smith aka mr3cushion on the forum? We have been trying to contact for weeks with no luck. Thank you for any assistance!:smile:
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    Need a gold crown in hoover alabama

    We need any model gold crown, 8 or 9,drop pocket, delivered and set up to Hoover Alabama. Table is to be used as display. Condition and pro set up not important! Contact at Need asap!
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    Need a Gold Crown in San Antonio Texas

    Looking for a used Gold crown, any model for a store display in San Antonio. Drop pocket, brunstone, cracked,etc. Display only. Good money! Please contact below. Need asap. John Burns Classic Billiard Service 410-935-3617
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    Need a mechanic in Mexico city mexico

    Anybody know of a mech in Mexico city Mexico? Muchas Gracias!
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    Need a Gold crown in Williamsport Pa.

    We need a Gold Crown, any model delivered near Williamsport Pa rather quickly. This is for another display so condition not critical. Will pay 3k delivered. Please reply to Thank you
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    Need a Gold Crown in Minnesota

    Need a Gold Crown (flexible on model) delivered and set up for a store display in Minnesota. Contact for details. Thank you. I want to thank Jack Zimmerman, Pat Odonnell and Jay Spielberg for helping out on some previous ones! The company loved them. Lots more coming! John Burns Classic...
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    Mech needed near Brookfield Wi

    Looking for someone who can deliver and set up a Gold Crown for a display at a mens store. You supply the table (condition not important). Pretty decent money and you can get rid of cracked slate, chewed up rails, etc. They are for display purposes only. Store in Brookfield Wi. Please pm or call...
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    Need table mech in h.kong

    We are looking for someone to assemble an antique pool table in Hong Kong. Anybody have any recommendations? We do not have any mechs in the mechanic section so i figured i would try here. Thanks for any leads! John Burns Classic Billiard Service 410-935-3617
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    Mustang pool table install

    In my 23 years i have installed quite a few interesting tables but never a mustang car pool table. We are scheduled this weekend for the installation and i am curious if any of you guys have installed one yet. I told the company if it had slate we could get it assembled, but sure would take any...
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    Balabushka question

    Obtained this cue over twenty years ago and been sitting in the closet until now.Was told it was a bushka but did not mean that much to me at the time. Cue came with a xray of butt or shaft? Not sure. My question is, does an xray tell mean anything particular to him? Thank you. Sorry for the bad...
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    4 point lambros cue

    sold .Here is a 4 point Mike Lambros cue signed and dated 5/96. I am pretty sure it is cocobolo. One 13mm shaft. Not sure what joint material is but definitely NOT ivory. Cue rolls straight. Currently do not have scale on hand but pretty sure it was 19-19.5. Any questions will be answered as...
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    Two - 1 piece Titlist cues

    Here are two VERY nice Titlist cues for sale. The Hoppe model is one of the nicest i have seen. Both are very thick with with virtually zero damage. Please feel free to ask any questions. SOLD. for the two cues includes shipping.
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    Tack strips revisited! UH OH!!!

    A Brunswick table with tack strips...straight from the factory??? That's an out right lie, but I suppose they only build ONE table that way, and it was just for you...right? You're stepping in it deep buddy! Brunswick has NEVER built a table using tack strips, not from the're...
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    Cue case I.D needed!

    Thanks for looking! Any ideas on this thing. I remember purchasing at one of many B.C.A trade shows we attended over the years. This was one had to be early 90s. Very well made case with no markings in or out. Has a strap not shown in photo. Thanks, John
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    History channel 10pm tonite

    Looks like a new show called Slice. Airs 10 p.m tonight. Preview shows them looking and explaining the innards of a valley bar box table. Hopefully something interesting for those that have never seen the inside of one. Sorry if its not!