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    I find that the gel hand sanitizer leaves a residue that can be transferred to a shaft. Any oil on your hand from snacks shows up as well. I shoot with “White Shark Sand” chalk, light colored chalk is required where I shoot And I like that it keeps the ferrule clean. the white against the...
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    VIGUS 2019 Maple 60” Cue 💰💰REDUCED💰💰

    PRICE DROP..... NOW $775 with one shaft ... Larry Vigus Solid Maple 60” (30/30) 2/1 Cue $895 Cue has been in storage since purchase. one shaft test hit, other NEW. Butt has rash from being in case. signature on Butt. TIPS are selected Triangles, long taper, solid hit, no roll. specs in photos...
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    i am a little ocd....just knowing it was touched up would bug me and I would just send it off for a complete refinish in reality....I am saving money.
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    Before this thread disintegrates further, here are my final thoughts/plan. I am sure there are many on AZ that have both positive and negative experiences with Proficient as happens with any business.. I personally believe my issue could have been handled better. This was never meant to be a...
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    Gee...if only you had read the posts you would known that I did not initially name Proficient as the shop and I that had a phone conversation with Scot. I am just getting opinions on AZB from people more knowledgeable than me. I did not slander or demean Proficient in any way. You however may...
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    I did carefully look over the work.... the size of the bubble is smaller than a match head.
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    the work was done by proficient and spoke with Scot yesterday. I was not going to post the name of the company, but could not have this thread be a recommendation for them.
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    Bump or Flaw in refinishing?

    I just got this cue back(October 14) from a well respected shop. They did a complete refinish of butt and shafts(2) with new tips and ferrules, with return shipping $382. After some light play last week, I did a wipe down with soft cotton cloth and isopropy and discovered the pictured damaged...
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    Diveney Trans K 3/8-10 shaft 9.99 reserve

    Now on eBay....
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    Diveney Sneaky 9.99 start reserve Thanks for looking...
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    Wanted: Trade for 3/8 x 10 Revo 12.4 or Cynergy

    Wanting to trade for: 3/8 x 10 Revo 12.4 white plate or Cynergy 12.5 Prefer new or like new with box etc. Have a new 2020 Diveney Sneaky for trade. ...or ...will sell Sneaky for $465 shipped. Contact via email Thanks
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    Larry Vigus 60” Cue $950

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    OB Fusion BCM shafts for sale.

    Shafts for Sale 1. OB Fusion 4 SOLD New in November, like new. Standard OB tip 3/8x10 ( fits both my modified and std) 4 oz, 12.8, 29” 2. BCM solid “old” Maple Shaft $75 shipped CONUS Nice grain. Kamui Soft ...cleaned and new tip installed by previous owner. Rolls straight, two tiny bumps...
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    Hypothetical 8 Ball Question

    Today, when shooting eightball with some friends.... Two solids fell on the break... and two more solids were subsequently potted with fouls ....resulting table now still open..... and only 3 solids left. We jokingly asked...What would happen if all the solids were cleared and still table...