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    Sold Predator BK2 Break Cue

    Sale to another AZB member is pending
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    Sold Predator BK2 Break Cue

    19 oz. but … pending
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    Sold Predator BK2 Break Cue

    Predator BK2 break cue for sale. This is one of a small number of cues that I’ve collected over the past years but have now decided to sell because I just don’t use them. Black linen wrap is in very good condition. Forearm has a few small dents from ordinary use, but the finish is otherwise...
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    Sold McDermott D-1 - Terrific Specimen

    A really lovely McDermott D-1. The butt cap has no chips, scratches or loss of coating. The McDermott logo is fully green, yet doesn’t have that overly thick appearance that you sometimes see; it is sharp. The wrap and forearm are in excellent condition. The original nylon wrap is the nice...
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    Sold Hager Extension

    20” Hager Extension for sale. Black. Nice condition. $140 plus shipping.
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    Sold Huebler Hustler (Sneaky Pete) - Gorgeous

    Cue is still available.
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    Sold Huebler Hustler (Sneaky Pete) - Gorgeous

    Beautiful Huebler Hustler, recently refinished by Scot Sherbine of Proficient Billiards. One or two racks of play since refinish. Straight save for the slightest of taper rolls, noted for full transparency. Butt - 29 inches, 16.33 oz. Huebler shaft with nylon insert - 29 inches, 3.92 oz...
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    New Forums

    Is there a way to make the new website appear and function on an iPhone in the same way that it does on a desktop ("Classic" format vs. "Mobile" format)? Thank you.
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    Van Boening - Teutscher - DCC 9 Ball

    Am I missing something about the rules, or did both players snooze after Teutscher’s dry break in the game that begins at 27:30 of this video?
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    Who made this cue that is up on eBay?

    No maker identified. But with six days left there are 15 bidders, the price is up to $660, and the reserve has not been met. I’m not interested in purchasing the cue, but I am curious. It would seem that despite the absence of an advertised maker, the buyer pool knows who made the cue. I’m...
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    Your first ( good ) cue

    Here are a few photos (if I did it properly):