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    Paul Drexler Inducted into the International Cuemakers Hall Of Fame 2020

    One of the best Cue Artist I know.
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    A few PFD's

    Here are a few from the Master cue makers at PFD.
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    Ash shaft blanks

    Just cut up some tight grain white Ash shaft blanks. Any interest send me a message. BTW in the next few years all the Ash in this country will be destroyed by the Emerald ash borer. $25.00 per blank plus shipping, min 4 pcs ($125 shipped) Quantity limited
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    Eric, your cue is finished...

    Next to it's sibling Here it is in a group photo. Some were new pickups that week, Some were out being played with.
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    Sweet playing SCRUGGS

    I lost. For a week Nick has been auguring that I had a 4th cue with this handle, I said no. Woops found one. Nice ebony nose too.
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    Historic Cues. Do you have any?

    Your assumption is correct.
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    Historic Cues. Do you have any?

    Original Ok I might as well throw this in. The original Crown Jewel, with all the stones.
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    Sweet playing SCRUGGS

    A few to enjoy.
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    Thank you ALLEN for another great SBE event.

    Thank you Allen and to all the people that worked to make this happen. With out you there would be nothing. Thanks again.
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    Historic Cues. Do you have any?

    Rambow How about this one. Any interest it could be for sale .
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    New PFD

    Another masterpiece from Paul and Ellen. Arizona Desert Ironwood and Ebony.
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    Picked up new PFD today.

    I was in the shop the other day and saw this blank and told Paul to finish it. I loved the wood. Amboyna burl. Wished the pictures were better.
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    My first 3 Scruggs.

    Stumbled on this old picture.The top cue started it all. What an awesome player. Everyone that tried it wanted to buy it.
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    (:(:(: Supper Rare Scruggs / Southwest Monster player :):):)

    Can I play ? Here we have a monster player never to be duplicated. One of a kind cue. Dean had this cue made from a TS cue and finished by SW and all the money was donated to Mike Cochran's Widow. Thanks Dean.
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    Ebony front TS Cues please

    Lol Nick You defiantly know what button to push.