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    Our new website is up and running..FINALLY

    Here is one example of some of the new women's stuff you can find here Price is 25.00 plus tax and shipping. Please give us your feedback on our new site design and layout.
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    New web site

    this is a snapshoit of the site we are building right now. hope the link works*W1k&p_id=1683630&p_tbl=1&p_created=1276009411
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    Shark's Skin Shirts

    We have some of our original design "T"'s left but only in certain sizes. Here's the breakdown of whats left White logo T-shirt 1 Small 7 Large 2 X-large 2 XX-large Black Logo T-shirt 1 Small 3 Large Men's black camp shirt 1 2XLT Men's gray performance polo. 1 2XLT Attached are some...
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    SHARK'S SKIN The newest apperal company out!!!!

    SHARK'S SKIN The newest apparel company out!!!! [Hello everybody I'm happy to bring to you the newest apparel company out there for pool players. The store is new so please be patient with us but this month we will be adding alot of new shirts. Next month we will add alot of the other things...