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    Schon Limited FS

    FOR SALE OR LOOKING TO TRADE!!!!! I have a very nice Schon Limited for sale. This is a 1998, 1 of 12 , Model # 341. 6 long points and six smaller ebony points with ivory diamonds in the points and ivory bowties in the but cap. This cue sold for 1200.00 new and selling here for 600.00 which...
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    LTT/ Lucasi Hybrid 8 ply shaft

    I have a Lucasi Hybrid 8 Ply shaft I am looking to trade for a Predator Z or Z-2 Shaft. The shaft has a uni-lock joint with a black collar and silver ring. The shaft is in great condition and rolls staright as an arrow. Pm any offers for trades and any costs if I need to add.
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    WTB/ Predator Jump Cue

    I am currently looking to buy a used Predator Jump cue if anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price.
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    Jump cues F/S

    I have two jump cues for sale. 1. This is the McDermott's Dr. Popper with custom one of a kind joint protectors. They have silver dimes on the tops, made by Jim Baxter. $60.00 2. This is a one of a kind jump cue made by, MANWON, a local pool operator and cue maker. The cue is 43" in length and...
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    Misc Pool Cue Items

    I have the following for sale: First is a lot of cue holders and extra items. Has a 3 cue tiger claw holder, 6 cue holder which folds up and fits in your case real nice and is built to be placed on the edge of the table, leather 4 cue holder, true stroke for helping in your holding of your...
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    Two 30in Predator shafts F/S

    I have a 314 30 in predator shaft with a silver ring and fits a uni-lock joint. Rolls straight and is in great condition. Weight @ 3.7 oz's. The price of 140.00 includes shipping and paypal. I also have a like new 314-2 30 in shaft that has a very, very small brown phenolic collar that would...
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    Predator BK2 F/S

    $OLD I have in excellent condition a Predator BK2 with a black linen wrap and weighs in at 19oz's. (Reason for selling, I like the BK2 sport better).
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    Wts/wtt Samsara Bar Cue

    I have an excellent condition Samsara Bar Cue for sale, $OLD , or trade. The cue is made of excellent quality cocobolo on the forearm and butt with a black irish linen wrap. The cue comes with one shaft and weighs approx. 19.oz's. The cue was used about 10 times. I am really trying to trade for...
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    FS/FT Predator Shafts

    I have two Predator shafts for sale and or trade. 1.) slight bluing 314 w/5/16x14 joint -silver ring -29"s SOLD shipped 2.) slight bluing 314-2 w/5/16x14 joint-silver ring-30"s SOLD shipped (Both roll staright) Looking to trade for a Predator 30" 3/8x10 shaft. Make an offer!!!! Neither one...
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    Instroke Case and Cue for sale

    I have an excellent condition 3x5 real leather Cowboy Instroke black case for sale. Retail is 399.00. This is the case with all the polished brass. Selling for $0LD shipped. Mostly used to store cues. Will hold a 30"shaft and 30"butt. I also have a completely refinshed Custom Viking G69 model...
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    Schon Ltd316

    I am willing to look at all offers and or trades. I am selling a 1 of 12 Schon Ltd 316 for 800.00 The cue butt has been refinished. The cue come with two Predator shafts. One shaft is a standard 29" 314 and the other is a 30" 314-2 shaft. The cue has 5 ebony points into birdeye maple. Each point...
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    Several cues for sale

    I have the cues listed and pictured below for sale and or trade. Willing to trade two for one for the right cue. Cues listed left to right: 1.Diveney sneaky pete ( $ 250.00 ) 2. Gayle clark sneaky pete ( $ 150.00 ) 3. Pete Omen J/B ( $ 300.00 ) 4. Schon Ltd 316 w/ 2 predator shafts ( $ 800.00...
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    Ltt/8 Point Chad Carter

    LTT/LTS $ 600.00 I have a custom Chad Carter up for trade or will sell outright. The cue has 8 points made of Lacewood. 4 high and 4 low very sharp points. The butt is also made of Lacewood. The cue comes with two shafts. One of the shafts is a Predator (original) 314 and both have matching...
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    WTT/OMEN J/B and Diveney

    TWO CUES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!! I have a real nice Omen J/B I received from Bamacues but the cue is not for me. The cue is in excellent condition. I also have a Diveney sneaky pete with a butterfly butt. This cue has a small ding in the handle but does not effect the play of the cue. Both...
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    LTB/ 30" Shaft

    I'm looking for a (Non-Predator) 30" shaft with a silver ring and a 5/16x14 joint to fit on my Schon.