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    King case and Mason H cue for sale

    The King case is in pristine condition . Was used by me 2 times. Mainly used for storage. $525.00 Mason H is bacote and purple heart. Weighs about 19 ounces and shaft is around 13mm. Light usage. Slight taper wobble when shaft is rolled. Nothing major though.Normal on most cues. Ferrule is...
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    King case,MasonH,Joey Bautista,Starkey for sale

    Please send questions or comments to my private message box. Please DON'T POST IN THE THREAD .All items are for sale only. No trades please. Prices are what they are so please no offers. All of the cues are used and there are no safe queens here. All shafts have some taper roll to them and none...
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    John Barton 1x2 hustler case fs/ft

    ]This JB case is modeled after the case used by Paul Newman in the hustler movie. I want to do a quick turnaround on this case as I am looking for a Thomas 1x2 with the storage cap to trade for. Case is in great condition. I'd rate it 98% because of some very light scuffs, hardly visible...
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    buckhorn,antler, buttcap and joints availability?

    Anyone have someone who sells staghorn, buckhorn antler for sale for buttcaps,joints and ferrules?
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    Wes Hunter

    Looking for a Wes Hunter. Prefer wrapless in mint condition but will consider a wrap if I like the cue.
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    wanted lambros wrapless

    looking for a wrapless Lambros in minty condition.I've seen all of the Lambros on AZ, so if you have one listed please don't respond unless you can offer the cue lower than what you have listed, Please message me privately and do not post .
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    WTB Joey cue

    Looking to buy a Joey cue.
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    one pocket question

    i got a question that came up in a game. My opponent shot and made a ball in my pocket. I owed 1 ball as I scratched on the break. Does the ball I pull out of my pocket count as my owed ball or do I still owe one after spotting that ball for his scratch?
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    wtb exotic skin Justis case 2x4

    Looking for a Justis 2x4 exotic skin case in mint to new condition.
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    WTB Lambros

    Looking for a wrapless Lambros in mint to new condition
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    wtb Masonh cue

    I'm looking for a nice Mason H cue, Must be in great condition.I've seen the ones in the for sale section already and have considered those, so any new ones, I will be interested in.
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    wtb exotic skin 1x1 or 1x2 case

    Looking to buy a ostrich,gator,or any exotic skin 1x1 or 1x2 case.
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    Bob Owen Tribute for sale or trade for Starkey

    Butt: 15.8oz with stainless steel 3/8x10 Shafts: 12.70mm @ 3.3oz and 3.5oz w/ivory ferrules. Wrap: Super nice pressed black linen wrap. Inlays: Abalone and mother pearl through out the cue. sold pending payment or will take Starkey and cash. I like the snakewood Starkeys or any one of his one...
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    WTB Chuck Starkey cue

    I am looking for a nice Chuck Starkey cue. I like his snakewood cues and also like the no ferrule shaft, buckhorn joint. 57 or 58 inch,would like one of his exotic wood cues or something that is different. Please message me and don't bump this thread .Looking for cue on the right in the picture...
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    Richard Black 60" cue for sale or trade for Starkey

    This cue is in great condition.Not a safe queen. It is a player . Has 12.50mm shaft 3.8oz, and butt weighs 15.5 oz. Butt is 30 inches long as well as the shaft being 30 inches. Leather wrap and signed by Richard Black.Has a little taper roll SOLD] or will trade for a nice Chuck Starkey cue...