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    My Diamond table journey

    wow this is great
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    Cleaning diamond PRC rails

    Thanks Seyberts is out of stock. Mannings has them but $40 to ship ! And excluded from there free shipping over $100 order promotion. I would really like one, looks good with the table and tired of kicking my 10 thru 15 balls around on the floor
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    Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

    1- Not knowing (or wrongly thinking they do) of the affects of even small amounts of English on the cue/object ball. 2- Going on offense all the time, even when the shot has very small chance of dropping (a teammate of mine thinks safeties are "dirty pool") lol 3- Just "practicing" 8 ball and...
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    Cleaning diamond PRC rails

    Where can i find and buy that lower ball holder you have???
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    samsara are they good cues and how do they play ??

    My main player Love it. Get so many compliments on how it looks and people always ask what it is
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    Lighting a 7" ProAm. What's the best?

    I have the Diamond light above my 7' Pro am. Yes its expensive and over priced BUT i would buy again for sure. It lights the table perfect and looks perfect
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    Dynasphere balls

    Got a set 6 months ago or so. I am not a guy to compare ball set quality or even care to much. I have a nice Centennial set and a Cyclops. I will say 100% that this Dynasphere ball set stays CLEAN! Rarely ever see chalk or pocket liner marks on them. yes this using the same chalks on all...
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    Diamond Pro-Am question .

    no problems at all. Its simple easy fast and quiet
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    Pro players' "other" jobs

    I'm a pilot! lol
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    Weight bolt question

    a couple drops of blue loctite. Not red.
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    Lomax or Hanshew Jumper

    so how is it? I am considering one
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    Beware of username "Jesus is King"

    Happens way too much here. Again to me. He offered a cue to me that he had for sale, same as I was looking for. I offered him a low price and he accepted using CashApp only. I googled his description and pics of cue and found EXACT wording and pics from a 2014 ad on AZ! I told him paypal...
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    WTB Orange Crusher break cue from Mike G

    same as title reads thanks
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    WTB Orange Crusher break cue by MIKE GULYASSY

    Sent PM. Send details and pics thanks Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums