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    How do you carry a Magic Rack in your cue case?

    I just got one, but I'm wondering what's the best way to carry it in my case. Do you roll it up and put it in something, or just fold it?
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    Dirty Pool

    Some of the things I've seen (and done) have me wondering: What constitutes 'dirty pool'? Recently, I shot in a tournament and saw things I had never seen done before. The thought in my head was, "Gee, that's not sportsmanlike." But I was told by a lot of others that doing these things is...
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    Shy No Mo'

    Hello, Shy But Wants To Play here, after a long hiatus. I've learned a few things, got a little better, learned some more, and I'm still playing pool! I'm down to one day a week now, BCA 8 ball. I became a tax preparer and this was my second year for H&R Block, and if there is a God, I won't...
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    Handsome Men in pool

    Okay, Ladies! Your answer to the 'Beautiful women in pool' thread is here! I thought equal time would be appropriate. Women always get short-changed this way.;) Guys, post your pictures, don't be shy.
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    One line advice snippets

    I think about a few things when I'm shooting that really help my game. "Play the table, not the person." "Chalk then walk." NycRailBird suggested this gem: "Don't shoot in the thinking position and don't think in the shooting position." (suggested by someone else on this board) What...
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    Unreal straight pool shot

    We were playing straight pool today and this shot just amazed me. Kicking at the 5 ball, new rack. The cue ball goes into the rack PERFECTLY and the 14 ball goes out.........5 ball misses everything and goes down table.:grin:
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    Looking for information on this cue

    I'm curious after having several people look at my cue and tell me its worth....from $200-$300. Are they yanking my chain? I tried to find anything on Dufferin but all I found was a bunch of cheap cues and no information on this one in particular. It has 711 on the butt, with a...
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    Flying with a pool case

    How do you fly with a pool cue/case? My husband is flying with a laptop and carry on bag only. Is it treated like a carry on bag? Do you pay extra? This has never come up before and the rules are all different now.
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    Best magazine subscription?

    I'm looking for a subscription to a magazine but don't know which ones are the best. I've found: Pool Digest The Break Pool and Billiards Magazine Inside Pool Billiards Digest Inside English Stroke I get skiing magazines, and I know that SKI and SKIING are published by the same company, and...
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    Name that group?

    I meet with a group of 55+ and older shooters every Thursday in the afternoon. We're a diverse group and we have the potential to grow in numbers. We move around to different places each week. I meet a lot of people playing at night, too, and would like to make cards to hand out with an email...
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    My first ever pool tournament

    I did well! It was a small tournament, $3 buy in, 28 shooters in all (6 women), 8 ball call pocket double elimination, and I ended one spot away from the money and 3rd place. I got LUCKY. I only won the first game by skill and he had 3 balls left on the table when I sunk the 8, the rest...
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    Noobie Help?

    Question: I have soooooo many questions and the search function on this website is like my ski website.......sorely lacking. I frequent http://www.epicski.comand was instrumental in creating a beginner section where all of this information was gathered for the noob who didn't know all the...
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    Shy but wants to play

    Hi, my name is Bonni and I'm an addict.:cool: I've been playing since November and I've got a problem. Aside from the fact that I don't get enough practice, I've moved to a new town and I don't feel comfortable walking into a bar alone and challenging a table yet. I'm just not a seasoned...
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    how's this work

    testing it out. :cool: