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    If you could have any Cue in the World? What would your dream Cue be?

    My Gus I lost in a car fire recreated by his son
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    "Blind" mistake. JB has proven that you don't know what you cant see. He's exposed the "short" comings and flaws of other cases by taking them apart..on video even. Even a storage case has to cover all parts of the cue and some do not.... That said, as for storage only, I like my cues loose so...
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    why the hell do people call a cue a monster or hits a ton !!! , that just turns me off . any reason

    I guess judging the characteristics of pool cues could be similar to many things, like you bringing up a comparison to cars. However to get an honest assessment of how a specific car handles you'll need and experienced knowledgeable driver. Without that you're going to get a LOT of...
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    Showman Cues

    Because people that are lucky enough to own one rarely sell them. When they do come up for sale they aren't "for sale" long.
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    New Clean Gleem 8-ball capacity Cleaner/Polisher - FREE Giveaway WINNER AZ Member btal !

    Great gesture. Looks like a well built machine
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    Cognoscenti has raised rings...

    The people that know Joe and how he builds cues know that as well.... Also, raised rings on a Cog is an extreemly rare occurrence. I've personally only seen it on one cue and that cue was refinished by someone else, not Joe. I guess anythings possible.
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    My first cue finally finished

    One of my favorites too. It's very special 🙂
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    Cocobolo Burl does it exist?

    How about these... They claim to be Coco Burl
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    Can I make my lighting more even

    Lol.. Those 3 are the old ones not working. A buddy was supposed to come pick them up for scrap and has had me waiting. Going to ge gone soon regardless.👍
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    Costco led light panels

    Set yourself up with and 8 foot long dual florescent 4100k bulb light fixture set 3 1/2 feet above the table and call it a day... Do get the plascitc bulb covers that slide over the bulb though just in case you swing your cue up and smack the bulbs...wouldn't be pretty to bust one of those over...
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    Can I make my lighting more even

    Plain 8ft. dual bulb florescent light with 4100k bulbs hanging 3.5ft above the table. Perfectly lit.
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    tip centering tool FS

    Hey Dave I sent you a couple other PMs... Keith no longer needs it... I'll take it though. check your pm's for my #
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    tip centering tool FS

    Dave, Keith Josey will Take it.... I'll pm you his Cell #...
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    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    I knew Bill did the more mono chromatic engraving type but didn't think he did the color photo realism type. I've never known of any well known makers that do their own like that. It's an art form in itself.
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    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Will, what well known makers that you know do their own scrimshaw?