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    Bushka-theme Dave Kikel cue

    love this cue. trades?
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    -:-:-:-:-:-:---JAMES WHITE HOPPE TITLEIST---:-:-:-:-:-;-

    what trade are you interested in?
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    interested in cue.
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    WTB Ron Haley cues

    want to buy Ron Haley cues $2,500 to $6000 range. PM steve with pictures and pricing.
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    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    you have EDC cue for sale?
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    Custom Cues Websites
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    Wanted: Bill Stroud JossWest Cue

    what do you want for Joss?
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    WTB Bob Runde cues

    wanting to buy Runde cues from $1,000 to $2,500, Pm photo's and pricing to Steve
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    WTB Runde cues

    wanting to purchase Runde cues in the $1,000 to $2,500 range. PM Steve with photo's and prices.
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    Ginacue, Scruggs, Nitti, Diveney, Nemic Cues for Sale!

    interested in scuggs are you flexible on the prices? thanks steve
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    WTB Predator Limited Edition Cues

    did not get message.what do you have?
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    WTB Predator Limited Edition Cues

    Buying any limited Edition Predator cues. SE or LE please PM price, photo's and condition.
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    WTB James White, or Paul Mottey cues

    Buying JMW, Paul Mottey cues. Just give photo's and price.
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    Sold David Jones Custom Cue - Amboyna Burl

    are you flexible on price of Dave Jones?
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    WANTED: Perry Weston cue

    Would love to own this beautiful cue. That is a healthy price on cue, not sure i can make that price work.