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    Red Circle CB

    I know there's been several threads about various cue balls and their supposed properties, but I wanted to share my recent experiences and get some new opinions. I never thought much about cue balls until I finally got my own table four years ago. After all, at the places I've played most of...
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    John Schmidt says CTE works after all.

    Wait for it... Figueroa will be along any minute claiming Schmidty's buddy only gets it to work because John told him to clean the balls after every rack.
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    .900+ on the Diamond 10' table

    Watching these guys play on the Bigfoot, it's obvious that they are struggling a bit more than they would on a 9' table. And yet, Bustie is shooting .921 TPA and Ko is shooting .900 TPA. Any thoughts on how much harder the 10' is considered compared to the 9'? I'm looking for a factor that...
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    Thank You, Vivian Marran!

    Vivian Marran is a new website that allows folks hosting pool tournaments to list them, and members to search for tourneys in their area. They posted here on AZB that they were giving away a free stream pass for the entire Derby to one lucky person who signed up with their site...
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    How fast does it spin?

    OK, I'm not interested in debating the various methods of actually spinning the ball (real or imagined), I'm just curious to hear about what others understand about the spin/speed ratio. As in, "How many RPMs are possible?", and "How slow can you move the ball while simultaneously putting the...
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    $50 charge for neutral racker at TS

    Anybody else listening in on the TS players' meeting? Among other racking rules, Zuglan said he will assign a neutral racker if he sees fit, and in addition, he will levy a $50 charge to each player for the use of the racker. Hopefully that will put an end to a lot of the racking nonsense that...
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    Early CTE Offsets

    At around the 9 minute mark in the support video linked to below, Stan talks about the CTE offset. He says that he originally taught just the CTE line and had a hard time explaining exactly where the offset was. Can anyone explain how the sweep was...
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    The Gospel According To Darren

    I came across this blog entry on the "Sneaky Pete Mafia" website. Darren speaks about practice and preparation. One part that struck me was his feeling about using systems and how they affect your enjoyment of the game, as well as reflecting on the real skill you possess...
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    Damage To Cue Ball

    I was at my local room last week and noticed the red circle CB they gave me was covered with dozens of small crescent shaped cracks in the surface. There were a lot more than what shows in the photo, but this gives an idea of what they look like. There was a thread awhile back where somebody...
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    Oldest son in New Orleans for the week

    My oldest boy works as a barista in a Brooklyn cafe. A few months ago, a couple guys came in and told him he was a dead ringer for Lafcidio Hearn, an obscure 19th century author they were making an indie movie about. They asked him if he ever acted, and he said no, but they took his number...
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    Is it stealing?

    This is long and is going to seem farfetched or even come across as BS, but I don't care, I just gotta share... When I built my room I had to remove a pole and install a steel beam. The builder said not to go beyond 14', but I put in a 15' beam and the house is still standing. However, even...
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    Do you think too much?

    Is it possible that the scientific and mathematical knowledge that so many of us pursue is actually detrimental to our ability to solve problems at the table? Do we have too much "crystalized intelligence" vs. "fluid intelligence"? Can that be what is actually holding some of us back from...
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    Johnny Archer Facebook Question

    Johnny Archer asked on Facebook: I got a question for everyone. Is it more important to: A) Hit the cueball correctly or B) Aim correctly to the shot? Answer A or B, please.
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    Jayson Shaw vs. Kevin Clark 14.1 Stream Today

    Shaw is playing Clark today at Proshot Billiards Scranton, PA. It's supposed to be $500/game, minimum four games. Thought it might not be noticed in the live stream forum, so I'm posting it here. Free live stream link can be found on the PSB website: Enjoy.
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    Are You Set?

    I know I am. Full box of Padron 2000 maduros - $135 Two bottles of Laphraoig 10 - $92 Early Bird special for Accu-Stat PPV - $71 Two pounds of single-origin Kenyan coffee - $36 Nine wintery days sitting back in the recliner watching the best all-around pool playing in the world while my new...