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    WTB good break cue with leather tip or PredBK2

    post what you got, or pm
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    can yoy play pool alernating shots like curling?

    how might that play out? which games might work well for this format?
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    absolutely most difficult shot on a pool table?

    nine ball scenario as follows; you place the nine ball and cue ball anywhere you wish, the shooter must make a legal shot and pocket the nine ball in any pocket without fouling the shooter gets a large number of attempts at your challenge, let's say 1000, and let's say it's a guy like Jason...
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    $42 mcdermott training tool for cut induced throw

    just saw this, seems like a brilliantly simple aid for learning about the effects of cut induced throw
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    rule/ettiquette on cue ball only fouls scenario?

    this one drives me nuts, would like opinions local rule in a regular 8 ball handicapped tourney that draws good crowds and all skill levels states cue ball fouls only, you disrupt other balls, you move them back and play on scenario as follows; shooter (usually lower skill levels) has to...
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    cost of refurbishing Brunswick snooker tables?

    my area constantly has a large secondary market for decades old 5x10 and 6x12 Brunswick's in the $500-$750 range most of these tables are beat up and need new everything putting aside esthetics completely, what might be the approxiamate cost in your area for a full refurb from a top crew...
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    JOY Q8 Chinese 8 Ball Table - quick impressions

    got a chance to play a couple hours on this beast, possibly the best table I've ever played on by a long shot, rails rebound like a laser off a mirror and the cloth should be the new standard, hard to go back to the skidding slippin and slidin of simonis ...
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    who has intel on the pending Mezz Carbon Fiber shaft?

    they mentioned this on the world pool series broadcast along with some other brand somewhat exciting for me as I see Mezz as the undisputed Kings of production cues
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    soon to be released OB jump / break?

    this looks sweet and priced right, anybody have further info on this one?
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    any point still for brass ferrules on snooker shafts?

    With all the better, lighter, stronger materials out there, is there a reason outside of tradition that most top players still use cues with brass ferrules?
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    any cool new gear at SBE?

    any vendors showcasing new products?
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    break shaft?

    $90 with tomahawk ferrule (not even sure what that is) and ultraskin hard tip anybody tried one of these?
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    upcoming Star Chinese 8 Ball event?

    anybody have the details, are they not putting on a big event this month or next?
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    any reviews on new SH1 McDermott Sledgehammer?

    price looks good for an American made cue, thinking about ordering one with a Samsara tip
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    2018 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-ball Grand Finals?

    tourney stars in a couple of weeks, anybody have info?