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    Mosconi Cup 1p.

    Dude there’s people doing so many other things if they were allowed to focus on just pool things would be different but we will never know because Americans really don’t respect the game
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    Mosconi Cup 1p.

    If the state would sponsor and offer a living then the talent would show up
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    Bar table specialists

    Yea and that baby would be the beast
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    Bar table specialists

    You talking about matt
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    Keith McCready's US Open monster stroke shot.

    No not really ??Keith was a gunslinger big wins and big losses .. not like the nits you see today who always need a lock
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    Keith McCready's US Open monster stroke shot.

    Play him his golf game one time !! See if he’s not a smart player !!! Probably still can bet what you want
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    What is the latest on the Dennis Orcullo appeal?

    Nope but talk to Roy’s Basement
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    Rare find - Black Boar

    No not at all !! Dude that had it forsale was a very nice guy and offered to give me a nice price I just didn’t jump on it because of starting a business that has alot of funds already tied up
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    Rare find - Black Boar

    Had the chance to buy it here in Richmond
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    Dave Bollman

    Looking for Dave Bollman sneaky Pete !!! I am looking to buy it as a gift for my friend !! He had one years ago and hated now that it’s gone. He was a friend of Dave’s as well as a student of his !! Leave me a message if you have a line in one please
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    Sports on TV

    You ever see the movie idiocracy??? It’s all coming true
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    Lassiter Final Match

    Awesome !!! Allen Hopkins once told me nice shot !!! Thank you for your stories and coming back to the game
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    Rafael Martinez.....??

    Jam I was at that tournament sorry I’m just reading old threads
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    Sold 2016 Purpleheart Southwest

    I have a predator special edition jacoby and a predator full splice I can trade you both plus some cash
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    Sold Tascarellas

    Sorry I bargained go buy a TS while I was waiting